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  1. micra_uniraid

    Where to buy standard pistons?

    Hi guys, Just a quick question: Does anyone know where I can purchase new pistons? Preferably for the 1.0 cg10de to put them in our 1.3 block. I think we blew a piston ring or two rallying and two cylinders are low on compression. Every 100km the car travels it drinks 1L or so of oil. So we are...
  2. micra_uniraid

    N/a engine upgrades.

    Hi guys, we plan on fitting a janspeed manifold, improved air intake and a groupN exhaust to our 1.3 desert rally Micra. At the moment I've got the engine stripped for a clean and a rebuild. Is there any bits and things I can do while I'm here to aid performance without going into...
  3. micra_uniraid

    Drum to disc? Is it worth it?

    Evening guys and girls. I've found a Micra in a local scrappy with rear discs, the whole rear braking system looks brand new too. After searching and not really finding much on the subject (although I see many have done the conversion) I want to know if the conversion is actually worth it...
  4. micra_uniraid

    Hi from Spain!

    Hi guys! My name is Tom and a friend of mine and I have just bought a 1.3 K11. We plan on prepping it to take part in a low-cost student rally across Marocco. Our build thread adn rally progress will be updated in the motorsport section! Thanks for letting us join amigos!
  5. micra_uniraid

    Blog: K11 - Uniraid 2018.

    Hi guys, first off thanks for welcoming us in, my name's Tom. My friend and I are from Spain and we are university students signed up for the 2018 Uniraid rally. We have just bought ourselves a 1.3 K11! For those who do not know, the Uniraid rally is an offroad adventure through various...