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    Carbing a K10

    I've got the option of a cheap 1.0 K10 and some free ZZR600 carbs. I'm sure i can fab something up to mount the ######s with a mates dad, what other work is there needed? Such as adjustments to fuel feeds, fuel pressure regs etc etc? Would like to know by tomorrow as the auction for the car ends...
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    Spotted: White K10, Chatham Kent. By the art college!

    Not sure where these belong but did check the sub forums. Saw this the other night. Was pretty damn nice and didnt get a snap of it but had a smoothed boot and an exhaust popping genuine flames. So, who was responsible for disturbing tha peace grr Haha. Oh and to whoever had the K11 and...
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    Free parts or they go to the crusher :)

    Spotted this job lot on the bay for a fiver so sent the guy a message and got this back: "Hi there, is that the MSC forum you're on? If the parts can go to a good home on a Micra instead of the crusher then that would be nice, I just need to free up some space. The parts are: -...
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    Steel wheel help! Pweaz :D

    Okay, i saw someone on here get some steelies powder coated white and i thought they looked pretty nice! So me being a sheep i've decided i'd like to copy the idea (unless they have a major objection). What i want to know is the rough cost involved of getting hold of some 15 inch steelies if...
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    Anyone ever considered a 1.6 bluebird transplant?

    Has anyone? i was just browsing on eBay at older nissans looking for potential transplants and i saw a 1.6 manual bluebird? I was thinking get a 1.6 bluebird engine with 5 speed manual box, CBR carbs (assuming it is carb'd, waiting on some pics of the engine itself), and a straight through...
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    Happy New Year! =)

    Seeing as only 1 person was talking on my msn, and i needed to rid the urge to shout it out... HAPPY NEW YEAR =D
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    Full exhaust system questions

    What gains would be had from a 4-2-1 manifold? Also, can someone give me a link or somethign that would explain to me exactly what i need to do? Also, are stainless steel K11 ones available as i know you need to use the K11 one with K10 flanges, i just don't understand the rest. Also, what...
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    Nissan Micra Actually Flaming (Not A Kit) Is that dangerous or soemthing? Someone said somethign about running rich? How much power would it lose to set it up to pop a bit like that? I just like the sound if i'm honest, but i'm not going to lose loads of power foir it, i'd...
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    Bucket seat subframes (South East, near London)

    Hi, i need someone in the south east, preferably in the medway area but can travel i suppose upto 30 miles. I want someone who can make me some custom subframes for my K10 when i get my bucket seats. I want the seats to be lower than standard and preferably a bit further back, being 6 foot...
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    Stock BHP/Torque Figures?

    Can anyone tell me what the stock bhp figures and torque figures are for the 1.0 and 1.2 litre micra K10's? Also, is the 1.0/1.2 engine named the MA10/MA12 respectively? I'm just getting my facts right as i'm trying to get some information on my website and i want it to be the right information...
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    SR20DET Swap?

    How hard is it? I wouldn't mind turboing my K10 and the SR20DET has tonnes of parts available for it, so i figured i'd be better doing that than turboing a K10 engine. Basically whats involved and how much would it cost me overall if i did all/most of the work myself? My dad can do welding so...
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    16" alloys?

    Any chance of them fitting with 195/45/16 tires? It's just i have a rover 216SI which will be my second car in a few years when it's finished, and i'd liek to swap my wheels over but 15's would look too small on it. i plan to lower my micra, so will they fit on the micra ok -35mm?
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    Ooowwwwwwwww My Back

    God dang it, i don't know how i do it! Woke up yesterday with a sideache so just took some painkillers thinking i'd slept on it funny. Woke up this morning and can barely move without sharp pains and it aches non stop. Talk about sucking eh? Gonna go to the doctors if i can get an appointment...
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    carb questions

    Hi, right all, i've heard of peopel fitting CBR600 carbs (assumedly Honda CBR600), but has anyone tried Honda CBR900 Fireblade carbs? Surely you'd get better gains? Also, owing to the fact they don't have an airbox, would they not damage your engine? Is it better to make a custom plenum and...
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    Ferrari's? For breakfast mate, breakfast. No really, that micra eats ferrari's for breakfast!
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    New micra owner (who's surprised)

    Hey all, well i'm paul and i'm 16. I've just grabbed a nissan micra 1.2 for my first car (as i'm not far off turning 17) and i'm impressed with how quick it is for a 1.2, so well done again nissan! Anyway, i want to know what can be done to make it faster. I know your all probably going to...