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    K11 micra 2nd Middle Cat Required

    Has anyone got one, i want the cat to knock the insides out to make it a decat. Can anyone help me please? Cheers. Micka.
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    k12 Roof Radio Aerial Needed Please

    Someone snapped mine off and need another one please, anyone got the complete aerial includint the base or can get me one? Thank you very much. Micka
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    k11 mid section De-Cat please

    Anyone got a de-cat for a k11 micra for the second cat under the car, anything will do, cheers Micka
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    passenger side window glass non elec k11 1.0l 1995

    Can anyone help if you got one or know of anyone in the midlands with a micra l breaking someone smashed my window... Non tint it just clear glass some have a green tint to them this is just basic non elec. Cheers peeps
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    fuelling problem

    Everytime my fuel on my guage gets to the first quarter the car starts to lack power but not when it has half a tank or just above a quarters fuel in the car on the guage... I have a fuel pressure regulator installed has it previously been setup wrong, on the fuel pressure regulators guage what...
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    sr/super s speedo in a 1.0l k11 micra.....

    Hi I have just received my super s speedo clock with a rev meter as I never had a rev counter in my k11 1.0l. I have plugged it into my 1.0l k11 micra everything works except for the rev counter. I thought it was just plug and play in order for the rev counter to work. Any suggestions...
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    a bit of play....

    Put my car on the ramp yesterday and checked each wheel for play... The passenger wheel when I rock it side to side got play not in the bearing or ball joint but the suspension top mount rubber is rocking slightly side to side... Is this supposed to happen, how can I tighten it or fix it...
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    really stressed out! help please...

    I visited mr tyre today to put a 4 branch mani on that I had and they quoted me 50 and I said that was fine. When he fitted it, it was blowing so he tightened the nuts to snap one in the engine by hand, first he used an air ratchet before it tightened full but the hand tightened it and snapped...
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    Hitting the Rev Limiter!

    Sometime when you get a bit excited in 1st and 2nd gear at the lights and you hit the rev limiter, will it cause damage to the engine I have only done it very occassionally. Wanted opinions please. Micka
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    Recall Letter 04 Micra k12

    Anyone else received a recall letter about some sort of contamination at all? To book it at Nissan asap....?
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    Fuel Consumption too High !!!!

    I have a k12 micra on a 04 plate, I find the fuel consumption has is abnormal! I put £10 a day and I go back and from work about 12 miles and leave my car on to warm up in the morning. It is a 1.2. Any ideas? . Micka
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    Anyone Help, Photo Resolution....

    I do not know how to make the resolution bigger on my cars picture for the calendar? Looked on google it says you can make a photo resolution bigger i have no software though Can anyone help if i send them the image? Any image masterminds here, send me your email address so i can send the...
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    Fiat Wheels?

    Can anyone help please? Do 4 stud fiat wheels fit a micra k11? Could not find the thread on here which was useful in stating what wheels would fit a micra. Cheers (Y)
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    clutch question please.....

    will a ga16 uprated clutch fit a cg10, i know that they fit a cg13... could anyone be kind enough to clarify this issue please, regards Micka(Y)
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    Manifold gasket and middle exhaust Decat please

    As in title please let me know please. Needed quite urgently please, regards Micka
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    Anti Lag on a non turbo?

    is this beneficial to performance? i know it is on turbo'd cars, but can this be done to a micra? i seen a old old datsun 100y and his pop and bangs plames like this. how is this done? video:
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    cg10 vs cg13

    would a cg10 a k11 1.0l engine with 1.3 cams and bigger injectors etc be able to beat a cg13. whats the main difference in performance in the two on accleration and top end? just a random debate i was thinking of... any suggestions?
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    why do some people stick their induction k&n on top of the throttle body and others fit their k&n filter on to a induction pipe (can be made from gutter pipe also) that connects at one end to the throttle body and the end to the filter? is there an explanation, which way is better and will...
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    Who went to JAPFEST 2010 at Santapod?

    I saw a White Micra Turbo with a front mount intercooler and a few other k11's. Who went from here? My car was parked at the exit on the way out, the blue k11 sr slammed on deepdish rims. I did not take my camera, anyone got any picks of JAPFEST 2010? (Y)
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    Rear wiper motor

    Does a facelift micra rear wiper motor directly fit on to a prefacelift micra? I want to put a facelift micra rear wiper arm on that sits flush with the tailgate and not upright like the one thats on my prefacelift already. Any suggestions please? Micka.