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  1. Snikty

    FS: Tommy Kaira K11

    I dont think I've ever posted on the K11 forums before but I spotted this on yahoo japan and thought I'd share since they are rare. It's 1.0 stage 1 mod.
  2. Snikty

    Flywheel and clutch question

    Is the ST flywheel the same as all other k10s or possibly any k11s? Is the clutch the same as the fig and pao clutch? I see exedy make an organic clutch for them and thought it would probably be a suitable option. The nismo clutches are often listed as suitable for k10s and cg10...
  3. Snikty

    Blow off valves

    I recall it being said that you need to use a certain type for the ST. I am thinking of going with something like a greddy rz with a recirculated setup, would that work or no??
  4. Snikty

    Cam for the ST

    Has anyone ever looked into improving the cam and if so what sort of gains do you stand to make? I realise its a long shot, just thought I'd ask as I'm getting the head looked at and the guys working on it were curious as to wether anyone had previously done anything with the cam. Cheers
  5. Snikty

    Right calipers???

    I've found someone with a set of callipers and I just wanted to check with you guys that these are the right ones. I can see the 22V stamp on em, they came off a N15 SR18, I had a feeling these were the same as the Gti-R calipers but just wanted to double check. Cheers
  6. Snikty

    Poly Suspension Bushes

    A few people have asked me about the poly bushes I had made up. I have asked my guy about them today and he said he is happy to get more sets made up for people. At this stage thats about as far as the conversation has gone. I will get back to you all with price but if you let me know...
  7. Snikty

    Tyre Profile

    Would 45 profile on 14" rims be too small? I have 55 on at the moment and I know you need 45 for 15"s but just wanted to ask as I'm getting new shoes soon. Cheers
  8. Snikty

    Racing K12 for sale in Japan

    Had to post this since I dirtied my pants when I saw it...gotta love a well put together NA car... Its a K12 with an SR16VE converted to an SR20VE.
  9. Snikty

    Cooling System

    As I'm dismantling I'm noticing more and more just how completely screwed the the cooling is on this engine (I'm seeing signs that it was cooked also) so I have a few quick questions I wanted to ask. Firstly, can you still get thermostats through nissan and are these the same as the ma10 and...
  10. Snikty

    Low end boost prob

    My guy is having some probs with the boost since the new exhaust and it sounds like it might be the bpcv but wanted to check it with you guys first. I'll just cut and paste his query as he speaks better mechanic talk than I do :blush: The Problem I am having: Now with the new free flow...
  11. Snikty

    Spark Plugs

    I recently ordered some NGK BCR8ES, and I just got a call from the fella saying they are now discontinued and that a suitable replacement would be NGK R5671A-8. Can anyone confirm that these are suitable for the ST before I send payment?? Cheers.
  12. Snikty

    Help with puttin an MA on Engine Stand

    I need my first bit of assistance. As you can see in the pic below I've got my first three mounting points sorted...but for the forth should I be using the one down the bottom (circled)? I only ask because unlike the others it isnt threaded. So should I just get myself a longer bolt and put a...
  13. Snikty

    Calling all Sellers who Ship Internationally

    Hey, I just wanted to get an idea of if there were any members who regularly sell parts etc for K10's that are willing to ship to Australia. K10's were never released over here so I've been relying on fleebay to stockpile things like timing belt kits, water pumps, leads and such. But if...
  14. Snikty

    ST Body Kit - Yahoo Japan

    Just in case anyone was lookin for one:
  15. Snikty

    Ignition Leads

    Do MA10ET leads suit an MA09?? Anyone found any problems with particular brands etc?? I was looking at NGK but theres a few different types I've seen and some cost a fair bit more than the ngk ones, was wondering if they'd be any better. Cheers.
  16. Snikty

    Intercooler Set-up

    I thought I'd start a new thread to discuss this since a few people are looking at re-doing this atm and because I've been very apprehensive about doing anything with mine... I was contemplating maybe going for one of those i/c's with the entry and exit on the same side as I thought I might...
  17. Snikty

    MA09 Engine + Gearbox dimensions

    Does someone know em? Wiki says, Size (length × width × height): 705×575×680 mm, but I'm a noob so don't know what exactly that accounts for. Is that just the main block or is that including s/c, turbo, i/c, fueling and ecu? I'm trying to get an idea of what else I could put an MA09 into...
  18. Snikty

    Number Plate Recess

    Just acquired this, has no cracks and will be resprayed white. Hopefully it will look good once its fitted to the ST. It's a JDM Number Plate Recess for a K11
  19. Snikty

    ST Grill Question

    On the white STs is the word 'nissan' on the grill coloured or white? Was just curious as mine is white, smidges looks black and I've seen one in japan that looked a light grey (same colour as the badging). I seem to recall the ET/Cherry Turbos had a similar thing on the front grill but...
  20. Snikty

    Front Brake Upgrades

    So am I right in assuming I can go with either N14 pulsar/cherry (AD18V) or the GtiR (AD22VF) brakes? If so, are the GTiR ones overkill? I understand they are a fair bit heavier. Also what exactly do I need for the upgrade? Just disks and calipers or do I need things like master cylinders...