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  1. Matiz

    [photo request] K11 with blacked/painted headlamps reflector

    sup guys- looking for pics of coloured/ blacked headlights (pre-lift) I've got mine disassembled at the moment, but not sure about looks... :rolleyes:
  2. Matiz

    Cool looking K11 spoiler Name/Source

    Sup guys found an superb looking K11 owned by Aaron, posted message at Fb with no luck :/ anyone knows this spoiler?
  3. Matiz

    [HOW TO] Suzuki Swift GTI Bucket seats to Micra K11

    Hello there, quick tutorial, dont have much time Heres your work plan discription is for RH seat (in UK is a drivers side) first -Dismount Suzuki seat rails, cut the middle mount with grinder 1- bolt the rail to body, to stock Micra seat mount 2- bolt this cut piece to body - fit some metal...
  4. Matiz

    Brak bias valve/prop valve delete in 1.3 with ABS

    Hello guys Back to work with car. Does anyone get rid of it? Makes me wonder- if theres an ABS, whats that sh*t for? Minę is rusty as hell, rear brake pads was almost untouched, i bet its not working... How the ABS reacts for deleting? Other option is adjusted valve but its fairy expensive Cheers
  5. Matiz

    "Will it fit to my Honda?" GA16 aftrmrkt Exhaust manifold for CG13?

    Hello Guys! quick question, my friend has a N15 Almera GA 4-2-1 for sale. "will it fit to my" CG13? of course I think not ,but if its just a mount holes redrilling I'm in. cheers
  6. Matiz

    Which car uses same rear calipers like 1.3 SuperS/SR

    Hello out there! removed mine calipers today due the legendary handbrake bearing problem. Left caliper looks not bad, can be repaired... but right one is.... dramatic. Also bleeder is of course broken was there any other nissan (or other make) which uses exact the same Lucas caliper? rear...
  7. Matiz

    Super S gearbox bearing or synchroniser noise?

    Hello Guys I've noticed strange behavior at mine rustbucket: noise just like clutch pilot bearing, but with completly released clutch pedal. when I'm pushing it- its silent. That points at gearbox bearing. But- when car is moving and I changing at neutral,it is getting quiet. When I'm trying...
  8. Matiz

    [tutorial] Rigid Mod: Stiffening engine subframe (+ engine mounts)

    Hello Guys decided to make a quick tutorial about stiffering the whole drive unit in our K11. I did everything with one job with front crossmember, so heres a list: 1. New front crossmember 2. new engine and gearbox mount 3. glued mounts 4. rigid collar at rear subframe bolts (rigid mod)...
  9. Matiz

    anyone convert the rear engine subframe bolts to rigid?

    Hello out there started the battle with front crossmember, also changing the engine mounts. Question is- why theres a rigid joint between subframe and crossmember: and a ####ty cushion-thing between subframe and body? I was wondering, why not convert this to rigid one? will it twist...
  10. Matiz

    sills, side skirts, floor pan (you name it) Schematics/pics request!

    Hello! I have huge request for you guys, mine sills looks bad, but outer panel is quite okay. Divantage of this is I cannot look inside to chceck how side sill and floor panel is connected... also cant just cut the hole tomorow, because car is still in use, have to make a plan (of attack:cool:)...
  11. Matiz

    Right driving light wont work, how to expel dim/dip unit?

    hello guys LHD model right lamp were turning on sometimes after some mileage (5-15min) but stoped two weeks ago. when the bulb was alive, everything seems to work properly- Hi beam with dash icon, Hi lights with icon. when right bulb won't working, theres Hi beam ONLY at the RIGHT bulb (with...
  12. Matiz

    Matiz 1994 SuperS a.k.a TommyKaira March R#OST

    Hello there! I made some photos for friend, so I decided to strart a thread. Car was bought for the time of Impreza restoration, but micra needs some work too. She is in bad state thats for sure, but its rideable, I'm using it to get to work when its raining and pick up my girlfreind from work...
  13. Matiz

    Window mechanism- manual donor for repair electric one [quick tutorial]

    Hello! big question, removed my drivers side mechanism today- it cracked nera the motor(/crank) mounting screws= main swing point. I thought about welding this sh**! but two last teeths ale broken... manual mechanism cost about 5gbp in my country, I dont need electric one ,because electrical...
  14. Matiz

    K11 facelift tailights to 1994 pre-facelift: any differences?

    hello as above- was there any differences between "old", orange winker taillights and 1998 "clear", 2nd facelift? that one: sometimes theres differences in shape (for ex. my impreza, front lights after lift have slighty "sharper" shape) next thing, most of these lamps in my country are...
  15. Matiz

    Novice questions about K11- dash warning lights,minor failures etc

    hello everyone! I'm Matiz from Poland, I've registered at your forums ,because theres not much movement at our PL forums. Sorry for my english, but I don't have much opportunities to talk/write with someone. I'll do my best. I've bought a micra ,because my Impreza is in very bad condition...