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    JAE and headgaskets.

    Just a quick one, who's headgasket went on the way to jae and did it get finished? I walked past Saturday night and it was looking a bit grim! TommO.
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    Beeping? W reg 1.0 facelift (not renault k11)

    Evening chaps. Not been here for a few years but having an issue with my uncles car. Basically within the the last week or so it has started beeping about 30 seconds after starting it in a morning. Apparently it's the same beep as the headlight/door beep, it beeps 5/6 times then stops. He's not...
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    guess who's back

    my almera gti is brown breaded so i needed a car on a sunday afternoon armed with only what the cash machine could give me and my old dear between us. unfortunately i found this, i took the air filter out, the exhaust is currently in the long winded process of falling off, i sprayed some stuff...
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    bye bye micra

    reet-o. decided it was time for a change. seeing as ive just payed my loan off, i thought with a bit of money saved up i could get me a new vehicle. enter almera si. not the quickest, but i couldnt resist when i saw its rust free body (a rarity on almeras ive heard) so its cheap tax/insurance...
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    james' K11 famous

    so whos car did a foreign site use to display K11?
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    got standard brakes?

    have some brembo replica's :( mate from a local forum found them soooooooooooooooo wrong.
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    welcome to the black parade

    is it just me or have my chemical romance created a masterpiece?! album out monday, i'll be buying it :D
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    GLANZA V on ebay its my friend tonys, i advertised it for the previous owner on here, tony brought it and did a few 'choice' mods. defo worth a browse...
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    scrapyard goldmine details

    SN Auto Breakers specialist in japanese parts Sneyd Hill Industrial Estate Raffertys Business Park Burslem Stoke-on-Trent 01782 810030 or 01782 810026 basically if you leave the A500 for festival park, keep to the right hand lane and take the fly over past the bottom of festival...
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    scrapyard goldmine

    went up to a scrapyard this afternoon, its a jap breakers, absolute goldmine! got a non power steering rack for me mates pulsar and a corrola G6 inlet manifold for me mate to sell to someone who knows what it is! so who said only top spec K11s had rear discs??? anyone for rare K10...
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    wanted pass side door - K11 3 door

    as title passenger side door, K11 3 door, pref in silver needed asap, preferably in silver but will definately consider other colours. before anyone asks i've not spanked it into anything, i was ran into this morning, and for a simple and low hassle situation ive been asked if it can be...
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    moto training

    now before i post this i will just say - i know its wierd, and slightly wrong.. but ive never cried with laughter at something like this for a long time..... tommo......
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    X-member on ebay

    cheap cheap good for K11 pre facelift
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    micra on google video

    ok - own up, whos been filming themselves doing burnouts....... and reverse donuts......
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    another reason lambo doors suck

    GORE WARNING - its a bit gorey :( if your faint hearted or are about to/have just eaten, dont click.
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    new exhaust here

    seeing as im gonna keep the little beast for a while longer i treated it to a new exhaust. custom made at unique exhausts in stafford, cheers to the main man phil, excellent job. my camera phone sucks why are the pics so big lol
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    whats it worth?!

    first up, im struggling to find cars of similar age/model to compare to.... so....... whats my K11 worth. discuss. its a 98 R reg. facelift 1.3 GX janspeed manifold,powerflow decat midsection and backbox spax lowering springs tints custom skirts laguna splitter 69,000...
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    who brought the bucket seats in buy and sell

    cobra daytonas i advertised for me mate. just wondered because he said they went last week, but i werent online so have no idea who brought them lol
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    cobra daytona bucket seats

    selling for a friend 2 cobra daytona bucket seats w/ S13 subframes, they WILL need subframes altering to fit a micra, as they came out of a pulsar, they are dark blue/black vinyl, good condition, prefer to sell as a pair but may consider splitting, £140 the pair or £70 each contact...
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    dam enkeis..... dam splitter.......

    brought me some lightweight enkeis off a pulsar the other week, stunning wheel, couldnt refuse the price with good tyres, only problem was, the tyres a 195 55 15s. unfortunately, they scrub like a #####. theres 3 tyres the same and one thats another brand. the other brand had a slightly...