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  1. chriswills

    Update,new splitter fitted and looking smart

    Had an aeroover front splitter sat in the house since summer,finally had the chance to get car booked in for fitting and spraying,took quite a bit of modification to fit the euro bumper (designed for the late Jap bumper) but it's on and looks perfect! Sent from my EVA-L09 using Micra Sports...
  2. chriswills

    Been a while,have some updates on progress

    So it's been ages since I posted on here. Cars had body kit respray,led switchbacks fitted in the Japanese grills,12sr rear valance fitted,new bonnet,wheels powder coated ummmm probably a few other bits Sent from my EVA-L09 using Micra Sports Club mobile app
  3. chriswills

    Anyone able to help?

    Need a code for this stereo please. Many thanks it's the 6 CD Bluetooth clarion from the later models Sent from my MotoG3 using Micra Sports Club mobile app
  4. chriswills

    New lenses

    So haven't posted on here for a while,my latest thing nismo lenses on the jap import grills :) Sent from my MotoG3 using Micra Sports Club mobile app
  5. chriswills

    Random fog light issue

    Anyone be able to shed some light on my rear fog issue. It works on dipped and main beam,but not with sidelights. Could it be a fuse or something? Thanks in advance.
  6. chriswills


    Going to change coolant and replace thermostat some time soon. Anyone recommend a sealant/gasket for the thermostat housing please?
  7. chriswills

    Fog lights finally done.

    After the oem wiring wasnt going to plan,bought a ring universal kit,wired the fogs using that,and hey presto,oem fogs finally in place and working :)
  8. chriswills

    Engine cleaning

    On saturday i was an idiot and after topping oil up,left filler cap off and part way on first drive suddenly occured to me that i couldnt remember putting the cap back on. Needless to say,engine now plastered in oil,so has anyone washed a micra k12 petrol engine,was thinking of steam cleaning as...
  9. chriswills

    Cam and crank sensors.

    Are the cam and crank sensors the same part does anyone know? Listings are saying cam/crank sensor. Replacing both,and want to be sure im orderingbthe right part. Many thanks
  10. chriswills

    Nats problem

    Hi there,after working in the car today,nats is preventing the car from starting. Any way i can get it started without an ob2 reader,or consult system?
  11. chriswills

    3 door window blinds these come up on ebay,look lush on the car. Heres pic of mine fitted
  12. chriswills

    Cam sensor

    Right,well the cam sensors set off eml,car runs starts ect no issues at all,is it pissible it is just the sensor needs replacing?
  13. chriswills


    Been garage to diagnose engine light. Turns out,after flat battery,it recalls all previous faults and so brings eml on. So if after low or flat battery you have the same dont immediately panic,as its prob just that.
  14. chriswills


    How does the damn aeriel come off? Ive turned by hand,with pliers and mole grips,ruddy thing wont unscrew!!!!
  15. chriswills

    Trouble after mot work

    Car went in for mot work yesterday,exhaust gasket,new rear drum and hub assembly. Since got the car back engine light has come on,and the throttle pedal feels heavy,but the brake pedal is light and needs pressing quite far for brakes to seem to work. Any ideas if the two could be related!
  16. chriswills

    Rear seat

    How does the lower bench remove on the non sliding seat models? Ive tried every which way i can think of but cant figure this one out. Any help greatly appreciated thanks
  17. chriswills

    Abs light

    Just put a replacement drum on rear passenger hub and the abs light switched on. Any ideas why please? Many thanks
  18. chriswills

    Part number for inlet manifold seals

    Hi all for anyone changing plugs and need to replace the manifold top seals your part number is 14032ax610
  19. chriswills


    Got a spare alternator off a 2004 petrol that only did 24k. Will post pics and part number later,its a square elec connetion single pin if I remember righly. Open to offers for it
  20. chriswills

    front bumper grill

    Thinking of meshing front lower grill