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  1. Dr Zoidberg

    Qashqai engine? (HR16DE)

    First off i put this thread in k12 because looking at the Qashqai engine it appears to be the same HR16DE in as the K12. Anyhow the Qashqai has a greater output compared to the K12. Fair enough its only a hand full of bhp and a few lb's of torque. Does anybody know what Nissan have altered...
  2. Dr Zoidberg

    disc sizes

    does anybody know if all k12's share the same size disc for the front brakes?
  3. Dr Zoidberg

    160sr Lsd?

    do the 160's come with a lsd? i've been told/read that they do and don't. can anyone confirm this? ta :)
  4. Dr Zoidberg

    lightening standard flywheel?

    is this wise? to me it seems unsafe as the wheel will have been built to work at its best (strength wise) at the weight it is. so reducing its weight will obv be an improvemet for the engine but how safe will it be? is it likey to break causing damage? so the question is good idea/bad...
  5. Dr Zoidberg

    E manage and 160SR

    does anyone know of any reasons why this combo wouldn't work? i can't see any myself. i doubt the NATS would get in the way. i don't want to buy fit and then find it can't be mapped. cheers :)
  6. Dr Zoidberg

    clio 182 opinions

    what are peoples opinions/thoughts/experiences with these cars? 2.0 ltr 4 pot with 182 bhp and about 140 lb/ft, are they good? all comments welcome, including the usual 'its french' lol :)
  7. Dr Zoidberg

    Car for sale, not a micra though....

    ok so its not a micra but my friend is selling it due to him getting a company focus. Ford fiesta finesse. 1.3 (1297cc) 8v 59bhp T reg (1999 model) in Red fully colour coded. 1 years mot and 1 month tax. 49000 miles, regular services. 4 owners from new, 1 previous owner and 3 within...
  8. Dr Zoidberg

    FS: K&N 57i cone filter.

    K&N cone filter for cg13/cg10. complete with jubilee clips and oil breather hose. fitting instructions included. £10 + PP :)
  9. Dr Zoidberg

    drivers side bucket seat.

    i'm thinking about fitting a bucket seat + harness drivers side and leave the rest of the interior alone, so passengers can still climb in the back. i've had a quick search and read up on whats needed but have a few questions. 1. the air bag lights will come on when i take out the seat as...
  10. Dr Zoidberg

    complete turbo set up for sale.....

    ... not mine but reverb's on cisco's. a few peeps off here have seen it already looking at the posts :)
  11. Dr Zoidberg

    new engine for a k11?...... just an idea

    what i've been thinking about recently is a hr16de powered k11 :) i think it would be an excellent idea, one i might indulge in when i'm done with my k12. basically i was thinking this: hr16de is a light engine with mucho torque more than the other 1.6 engines. so my thinking was a this...
  12. Dr Zoidberg

    bucket seats for sale (k11)

    2 cobra monaco bucket seats in black and 2 3 point sparco harnesses in blue. they are fitted to standard k11 subframes so are a straight swap for k11 seats. they are in excellent condition no rips/tears. 1 year old. £250
  13. Dr Zoidberg

    janspeed manifold for sale.

    janspeed manifold for sale £110. o.n.o. 1 year old no rust, excellent condition only some of the black coating has worn away. :)
  14. Dr Zoidberg

    someones drove into my 160sr

    as said not gonna make this a long post as i'll swear too much grr basically came out of work at dinner time to find a non staff member had parked in the staff car park causing damage of £300-600 to my car in scratches/scuffs/small dents. no note they just ####ed off! asking around and...
  15. Dr Zoidberg

    hr16de --> hr15de, compatibility??

    what are the differences between our hr16de and the jap hr15de? i know the cc is different and the hr15 will run on higher octane fuel and things like that, but are they any major differences? i've been looking at the two engines and i think some tuning parts should be compatible with the...
  16. Dr Zoidberg

    got my 160SR :):):)

    just picked up my new 160SR and its very nice. :) have to say after a couple hours driving i think its better than my modded k11. the handling, braking + acceleration is awsome :D has so much torque hehe but you 160sr owners alrady know this lol will get some pics soon :)
  17. Dr Zoidberg

    joining you guys....

    i'm joining you guys down here at the bottom of the forum lol, just order my self a 160SR in blade silver metallic. should get it feb 3. :)
  18. Dr Zoidberg

    K11 SR for sale and breaking performance parts

    I am based in Sunderland in the north east. Details of the car: 98 R reg K11 SR. Metallic Marine Green. Cat 1 alarm with RCL, and central locking with the key on both doors. Single Sony CD player. Full service history. 45k miles. Colour coded door and boot handles. Sunroof, sports...
  19. Dr Zoidberg

    fueling + e manage with cams??

    right with the cams on the way a re map is needed so i'm going for e manage, basically i want to know if i need to up the fuel pressure with the cams. what do i need etc. will the standard injectors cope with the task set to them along with the fuel pump? i'm thinking of using ga16...
  20. Dr Zoidberg

    uprated clutch? worth it?

    as above planning on running 120-130 bhp N/a and need to know while i'm on my buying spree to get one. any help will be great peeps :)