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  1. Justinkaori

    Rear Hatch Glass Lift Supports Replacement DIY

    I figured I'd post how I replaced my rear hatch struts, since the parts are pretty easy to come by, and it's an easy fix as long as you have a rotary tool. I bought the ball studs that are specifically for hatch struts on eBay. The size was 10mm M8 X 1.25 thread. The gas struts were 20 inches...
  2. Justinkaori

    Dimming Day/Night Mirror

    I didn't see anyone mention this, but I thought I would let everyone know that I bought a day/night rearview mirror from a 1985 Nissan Sentra which I swapped the PAO arm onto and it fit just fine, the swivel ball was the same size. I actually could have just bolt it right up, since the arm is...