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  1. ronin_kid

    spotted on e-bay

    Pao Figaro (their discription, not mine) >>>>>>linky<<<<<< £3k is a bit much tho surely???
  2. ronin_kid

    'puddle' 1, Micra 0

    so, heading home today along some backroads on the moors i hit a puddle - and unfortunatly for both me and my beloved car, it was a fair bit deeper then i expected... so after i had pushed her to the side of the road and popped the bonnet my worst fears were conformed - the air-filter was...
  3. ronin_kid

    lambda sensor wiring

    does it matter which way round the two black (heater) wires are connected?. also, does anyone know if theres any differance between the cheepo e-bay universal sensors and the oem bosch sensor?.
  4. ronin_kid

    first cat and front pipe

    i'm looking to swap my standard exhaust manifold over and (of course), two of the nuts are rusted solid... :doh: before i get out the breaker bar and possibly shear some bolts i just wanted to confirm that all the first cat and front pipes are the same on all models... i know the 2000+...
  5. ronin_kid

    "CG10/13 inside" stickers

    inspiderd by one of the cars photographed by Cisco at the Kawasanga Micra meet, >>see here<< , i decided to get some stickers made up for myself... if theres enough interest i'm sure i could get some more made up, either for 1.0s or 1.3s....
  6. ronin_kid

    f/s on ebay - CG13 fuel rail with GA16 injectors

    spotted these on e-bay going pretty cheap atm - might be of intrest to peeps on here >>>LINKAGE<<<
  7. ronin_kid

    Datrats back in business....

    now i'm sure alot of folks will have looked at >>Datrats K11 section<< and seen the 'for information only - parts no longer produced' disclaimer - well look again!!!.. i e-mailed Errol and its true - vernier cam sprockets for the CG10/13 are only 300AUD (apx £125) not including postage...
  8. ronin_kid

    NIStune ECU

    Matt down at >>NIStune<< seems to be making good progress with the new type 5 board, which means a plug-and-play tuning solution for the K11 may well be available in the not too distant future!. :grinning:
  9. ronin_kid

    ECUTalk Consult LCD display

    Club Members now get a $20 Discount!!. ...see post #24 for details... recieved this through the post about a week ago and have been testing it since - its an Consult LCD display from Peter at ECUTalk its a plug-and-play consult display giving readouts of all the sensors monitered by...
  10. ronin_kid

    Lesjofors springs

    Lesjofors springs - anyone tried em?. anyone else even heard of em?!. :laugh:
  11. ronin_kid

    why not to lie on internet forums....

    AKA internet pwnage at its best!... thanks to Justo on CMF for the linky.... soz if its a repost, just made me laugh SO hard!..
  12. ronin_kid

    3-spoke wheels.?.

    anybody know of any 3-spoke wheels with the same pcd/offset as the micra? preferably 12/13/14in but 15/16in would be ok at a push... cheers
  13. ronin_kid

    Spotted - Red K11 Turbo In Tavistock

    spotted a smart looking red K11 turbo with Nismo rear window strip and 'EngineTuner' graphics on the sides cruising through the backwater town of Tavistock down here in rainy lo' Devon today - it belong to anyone on here then??
  14. ronin_kid

    14in steel wheels

    hey all - im after a set of 14in steelies for my car, and know some versions came with them as standard and others, like my 1L, came with 13s - so which versions had 14s, and would they take 185 and/or 195 r14 tyres?.. EDITED TO ADD - this is Not a wanted advertisment, im asking which...
  15. ronin_kid

    hello (again)

    hey all, said hello when i started usin the forum, but i got the little red micra i wanted and decided to cough up the dough for membership - so Hello again!. RK
  16. ronin_kid

    how much would you expect to pay...

    for a '99 1L Inspiration with fsh, brand new clutch, no major dents or scratches and only 22k on the clock?.....
  17. ronin_kid

    almost there lol..

    hello!.. thought i might as well sign up - had a great little 1L k11 that met a rather nasty end involving black ice and a hedge but im in the process of buying another one (still a 1L - just red this time..) and thought i might as well sign up and see whats what in...