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  1. fraz_micra_88

    Wanted Cheap K11

    Need a car for a winter runner...mot till march/april aswell would be good?! GLASGOW/EDINBURGH based? £300-£400 frazz ( as i dont post much
  2. fraz_micra_88

    Not posted here in AGES

    Well its been about 3 cars since i had my micra...some might remember it sold that then got a celica didnt have that long and got a mk3 golf that was to slow, so decided to go back to nissan....and get rwd Currently got 315bhp....tis fun:) anyways ive got 2...
  3. fraz_micra_88

    micra c+C wind breaker

    anyone know where i can get one of these? nissan charge a fortune
  4. fraz_micra_88

    New Car

    Finally got my hands on a new car got a 1997 toyota celica 1.8 (25th anniversary) sr model 43000 on the clock, fsh, mot for a year and 6 months tax what a car to drive :) will get pics tomorrow
  5. fraz_micra_88


    S reg nissan micra 86,000 mot till aug next year will have 6 months tax and get serviced this week tinted windows and sony cd player £900 ono
  6. fraz_micra_88


    just gathering interest nissan wind deflectors? offers?
  7. fraz_micra_88

    Stolen Audi A4 Cab posting on behalf of fast car and the owner "Hiya guys, Could you get this round as many forums as poss. Modded A4 nicked from Belgium and its suppose to be coming to London. But there has been reported sightings in Leeds...
  8. fraz_micra_88

    Some pics of team slammed

    just took some pics before everythin goes off the car....realised i really dont want to sell it :( but after a year of owning the car and some great times its time to break it!! this shows just how good a slammed micra looks...and the coilovers are for sale :) cheers fraz
  9. fraz_micra_88

    Bidding a fairwell

    well now the micra is up for sale, so are the coilovers and im goin honda...i would like to take a wee moment to say thanks for all the help ive asked for ect! the members on the club share vast years of experance so we know if any member askes a question it will be answerd :) thanks to...
  10. fraz_micra_88

    samsung u600

    in silver, few months old, plastic case few wee scratches £80 + pp
  11. fraz_micra_88

    decked on 13"

    lowerd my car near enough right down on my new sr wheels :) slammed!!!! wheels goin orange or black with an orange lip
  12. fraz_micra_88

    what colour??

    should i get my sr wheels done thinking black with a bllue lip....anyone?? on a black car
  13. fraz_micra_88

    Wanted Sr< Super S Alloys

    as waiting
  14. fraz_micra_88

    d2 coilovers and panhard rod

    got these on 6 weeks ago and now are for sale, covers just under 1000 miles.....lets the car sit at a nice high....handeling is out of this world on them aswell!! £625 these are collection only, if you want to meet halfway cover my petrol costs to:) bump these need to go....serious offers??
  15. fraz_micra_88

    Car Now For Sale

    well its now up for sale, my urge for a honda has went on to long!! 1.0 1998 gx 82,000 4 months tax mot till october car is in good condition, waxed everyweek and takin very good care of!! mods for sale : full d2 coilovers and whiteline panhard rod £600 15" lg alloys...
  16. fraz_micra_88

    my micra

    the time is approaching to sell the micra 1.0 gx 82,000 £1200 really good condition waxed everyweekend and well looked after (will be selling as standerd) i have d2 coilovers - £625 Lg virturoso alloys - £200
  17. fraz_micra_88

    Stolen R32 Gtr Scotland

    Posting this on behalf of a friend's dad who's Skyline was stolen last weekend. Skyline R32 GTR Registration: L516 SES At approximately 11:20pm on Sunday 5th August 2007 the Skyline was stolen from outside Dicksons Of Dunblane in Stirling where it was in to be repaired. The car had...
  18. fraz_micra_88

    spotted at the cruise in hexam

    that wee blue k11 that stew done? was goin to come say hello but just never lol!! looked quality and thos rims are ace!
  19. fraz_micra_88

    goin for a new engine

    will be getting a 1.6 conversion when i am back from new york :) so it will come out of an almera so i will need new engine mounts, drive shaft, ecu and wireing loom....that correct?
  20. fraz_micra_88

    Wanted: 14" Alloys

    swap for my 15s or does anyone have 14" for sale? anyone:(.................................................