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    Dave's k10

    u can try bro....ED say just 15 min only...not take a long time bro....hehehe:blush:
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    Some Pics of My New Project

    For my opinion, if u want listen the nice sound like blow off better u change the airflow std to HKS mushroom....and u can hear the sound like tha blow off!!!!:glance:
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    Nissan March Owners Club Malaysia

    Wowww big car shows? what u means.......can u story to me! if u not busy huhhh!:blush: u have the big project huhhh...nice project...illegal or unillegal bro?fwn my i ask ED, u know what fungsion about the "black box" at the throtle it a sensor for the read ratio fuel right...
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    Nissan March Owners Club Malaysia

    Yap Ed...u are one posted lots on there! Thanks ED. We just want to share with u all about K10 @ Micra. May be one day we can make International Club gath huhhh...may be i'm dream huhhh....but who know! :upside: Ed, long time u not posted on our website huhh....have problem ED! of course u not...
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    Another Bulgarian Micra with tunning :)

    yap must carefully bro!:blush: why u not use carbon fibre for the material huhhh....look like grand huhh!
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    Vibrations at speed....

    please check ur steerage bar may be it damage.....but 1stly u must check ur tyre balancing, tyre and ur rim....
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    Electrical Problem- Advice Appreciated!

    yap bro...check ur fuses 1st.....may be what Courior say right! if after u check ur fuses is ok....may be have shorted of power ur battery! u must check "alternator" may be ur "alternator not run for recharge ur battery....just i guess!fwn
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    Dave's k10

    better u take out ur dash 1st....may be for pro 15mins like ED but for amateur like me may be take time for take it out....:blush:
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    Nissan March Owners Club Malaysia

    sorry ED! he say: our website no have visitor from micra uk we frustrated for ur all attention....i know may be u not understand what we all discus but we can traslate to u all.....sorry ED! hehehe :laugh:
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    Some Pics of My New Project

    nice car bro......white colour ummm! colour! ur engine very clean and u stay use i/c cover huhhhh! good for cold air to flow ur i/c....:laugh:
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    sr20 into k10

    hai bro! I'm from malaysian, in malaysia we have one K10 install SR20DET engine and 4x4! Just make a few alteration at the space engine and the body....:laugh:
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    OZ wheels fitment

    hai bro....OZ like ly old school hahh...nice choice bro! but i m intresting if u fit black racing sport rim at ur K10....:love:
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    i agree with him.....but 1stly i want know ur engine type! if u use MA09ERT, that engine want the cold air for the engine. But if u use MA10s or FF engine type, that engine want the hot air for the run engine....fwn
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    are u sure!!!.....i will try as possible! thanks bro....but now i get a nismo adjustable suspension for my K10...hehehe!:ghostface
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    Body Kits, & K10 parts etc.

    Not your thread! You have to be an official member to sell anyway
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    Nissan March Owners Club Malaysia

    yapp...welcome to our club!...."selamat datang ke kelab kami!":laugh:
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    N13 parts on a k10

    ummm..nice idea bro.....u can try and make a new R&D for K10....
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    for my experience, K11 suspension can't interchangable with K10 suspension! but has somebody tell to me K11 can match with K10 suspension. How they make a alteration or install?....have somebody know!:glance:
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    K10 1.0/1.2 performance and gear ratios

    but...we have K10 1.5cc Turbo....people install sunny engine inside K10 but for me that engine not good performance. I say like that bcoz...we has sett one game with K10 in 400meter, 1.5 sunny turbo can not faster than ST engine! some body know why 1.5 turbo lose with 1.0 super...
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    Another Bulgarian Micra with tunning :)

    nice car bro...l what material u use for built the bumper or any component? are u use "fibre glass"! If u use fibre glass i think it easy to damage! u must take care on the road don't crush ant or bugs!.....O.o