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  1. K10 SHED

    Interesting B reg K10 - almera 2.0 gti engine bet it goes well :D
  2. K10 SHED

    Keep rollin rollin rollin...

    Very pleased today as the shed passed it's MOT 1st time with a few simple advisories :D Not bad for a £150 car bought three years ago :eek: :D I drew a
  3. K10 SHED

    South East: Heads up for old skool micra owners. recent thefts in and around east Surrey area :(
  4. K10 SHED

    Hangover fast food which one :D

    Right going out for some hangover munch but cant decide which o_O Mc D's BK's KFC Favourite chicken Mmm.... I feel like this >:confused:
  5. K10 SHED

    Weird sidelights problem

    I wired my rev gauge a bit wrong the other day and i think i gave the orange lights wire a ignition live (12v) doh... got out the car and the sidelights were on but the lights switch was off :blush: ripped the gauge out again but.......... Now when i press the brake pedal the sidelights come on...
  6. K10 SHED

    K10 rolling on 12's

    Seen some figaro 12" steels and got thinking these would be lighter and lower the centre of gravity so win win! :laugh: Anyone rolled with 12" wheels? :grinning:
  7. K10 SHED

    Oil light

    ok my oil light stays on for about 2-3 seconds after starting then goes out :o Is this a problem? checked the oil and it's 1/2 way between high and low on the dipstick fwn maybe a bit paranoid :grinning:
  8. K10 SHED

    Lol wtf lol :laugh: weight saving at it's best lol
  9. K10 SHED

    1990 Nissan Micra K10 1.2 Canvas Top, MOT & Tax - ebay

    with a Full Length Webasto Electric Sunroof :cool: Nothing to do with me just saw in on ebay ;)
  10. K10 SHED

    Shed blog

  11. K10 SHED

    ebay: Micra K10 gsx super low millage in worthing Nothing to do with me just saw in on ebay - check out the low millage :o
  12. K10 SHED

    Shed blog

  13. K10 SHED

    Ebay - red k10 low mileage 53000 miles Just a heads up for anyone looking near Taunton Nothing to do with me just saw it on ebay.. Looks like a nice example
  14. K10 SHED

    Shed blog

  15. K10 SHED

    MOT tomorrow may the force be with the shed

    Fingers crossed for my little micra. The shed is 20 years old this year :eek: i think it will pass the only advisories last time were one rear shock misting and ive changed both those :) and the exhaust rubbers at the rear :)
  16. K10 SHED

    Spring chop and mot pass

    How much can i chop the standard springs and still pass the MOT :D They still have to seated properly when it's jacked up so does anyone know how many coils would be too much.. fwn thanks
  17. K10 SHED

    Annoying engine rev control box for fan

    Right the fan comes on and the engine revs go up in traffic. This is too annoying for me :( I remember the MOT man saying you need to "sort your idle mate" :wasntme: shows what he knows :laugh: Does anyone know what wire i can snip so the fan isnt controlled by "that" box under the passenger...
  18. K10 SHED

    OEM Steel rim with tyre weighed 2.2 stone

    Just put my spare wheel on the scales and it weighed 2.2 stone, Thats 13.9kg or 30.8lb wow i thought it would be lighter than that fwn EDIT: just thought id update this thread with some more wheel weights: Standard 13" K10 steels (6mm tread) 13.9 kg each Standard 13" K11 steels (3/4mm...
  19. K10 SHED

    1992 NISSAN MICRA SUPER S WHITE - eBaY- 650 loacation: Macclesfield, United Kingdom Not mine just saw it on ebay
  20. K10 SHED

    NYE - What you all doing!

    Not going out this year, what you all doing for NYE? :redface: :D