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    Next door neighbour has a little old ladies saxo for sale and was pondering buying it as a cheap runner. Just thought i would ask anyone who has had one what they think of them. This is in a nice electric blue .... has the full bodykit/spoliers on it.... furio model ? ... done 50k total, and...
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    Mot Day

    Well got the beast prepared, new front pads, just fitted a new centre and middle exhaust and checked all the lines and hoses.... wire brushed and copper ease coated all the unions. Changed a wheel bearing although it ended up not being the bearing and just a noisy tyre ... but hey ho.... Half...
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    Wheels and Tyres for K11

    Anyone got anything near Devon / Somerset hiding in the garage .... need a new set of tyres and thought i would see if there`s other options before i order them .....
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    Standard K11 1.3 Exhaust Manifold and Cat

    Well Mid Exhaust pipe decided to blow ..... tried to seperate from cat and the bolt broke...... so then decided to take the lot off and the front pipe to Manifold bolts shagged ... someones rounded it off on the past .... bolts pretty much welded to the manifold.... So looking for a standard...
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    Front Wheel Bearings

    Having just paid through the nose to have the Mondeo front wheel bearing and track rod end fixed at the garage I have decided never to grace a garage with my presence again. So BEASTYS front wheel bearings are grumbling and a CV jont has a little click to it so i thought i would do them myself...
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    Max tyre size on standard 13" steel rims

    Whats the max "SAFE" size of Tyres you can fit or have fitted to standard Micra 13" steel wheels (1995 car) . Down to 2mm on mine so need a set and shopping about sometimes a slightly wider tyre ie 165 is cheaper than the skinny 155s fitted.
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    Front Crossmember

    Well I decided as it was sunny to change the front cross member on the 1.0l K11 yesterday as it was listed as dangerous on last years MOT. Just wanted to comment on a few things that may help others. I bought a cheap replacement crossmember on ebay for about £25.00 You will need ..... socket...
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    ICV O ring

    Hi guys Been sorting out the idle on the 1.0l and just taken the waxstat off which has improved things, also re soldered the Throttle body but noticed when cleaning the ICV that the o rings a bit stretched which i think is why i am struggling to get the idle down. I reckon its about 850rpm...
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    Wanted non squeaking front wiper linkages

    Motors fine but need the rest of the assembly as mine is screeching.
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    1995 Micra

    Just been to look at a 1.0 micra but wanted your views. Chap bought it from a lady at work for about £160. Its got 80k on it and is in average condition. few dents here and there ... just a basic spec 1.0l its had some welding on the rear drivers sill which looks a bit slapped on but seems...
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    Suspension Mods

    Ok fitted the 15" Ameria wheels ... cool .. now its like a 4x4 lol Seriously ... pleased with the wheels and no issues BUT the body roll .... got to improve it cos its hard to know exactly where your going to exit a corner presently..... lol So I am not looking to spend silly money ... big...
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    Getawaycar THANKS :)

    This was just say say a BIG THANK YOU to Getawaycar for sending me the replacement Dizzy for the K11. Not only did he send the dizzy, cap rotor and leads but also having read the thread on my car not starting he also send me a replacement ignition switch ... just in case ! Oh and fitted and...
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    Distributor for K11 1995 1.3 SLX

    If anyone has one second hand could you let me know what you want for it and what postage would be to CO12 3NL Thanks Tony
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    K11 Engine just "stops"

    Hi All A while since i have posted cos me lil micra just doesnt go wrong ... until yesterday ..... Tried to start in the morning ... dry day ... turns over but not firing .... eventually floods So stripped down dizzy and found its a bit gunked So today Check all fuses and...
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    Throttle body

    Hi All Just had the TB off the daughters SR and soldered ALL of the joints - made a huge difference While off the car i noticed that the bracket and set up for the cold start (assume its for cold start anyway) waxstat at the rear of the TB was bent over Anyone know how to set this up...
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    Front Crossmember

    Hi Just after some advice and maybe some help Got hold of a n plate SLX which is a briliant little runner with 39 thou on the clock and pretty much runs like new BUT and yes its the Micra BUT Crossmembers rotten as a pig Also had a patch on the rear sill but i found that was caused by...