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    Shifter Electronic Control Unit

    hi mate.. anybody know about ECU from SHIFTER MOTORWORK for st engine??? :glare:
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    Malaysia K10

    evill K10 from MALAYSIA...!!! what de nice dash hah???!! grr and it was 4WD too.... believe it....... grr
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    Need Info About ECU....

    hi all march friends... i need more info about a ECU march k10 ST, from pic 1... can anybody tell me what a meaning the "remanufatured" for this ECU? wif da pic 2, can u tell me and translate the A,B and C... what funtion for da D? thats all... tq fwn
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    Nissan March Owners Club Malaysia enjooyyy.....
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    My ST jerk when the RPM 3000

    Hi all, I'm new to the club and was hoping for a little help.... i hav a k10 wif engine st. the problem is jerk when the supercharges was active. this happen when the pace of the car is slow and when i am go to full throttle and car is at the full boost.... but when the turbo is activate the...