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  1. Tan H

    Help with gearbox please!

    Someone bodged on a pulsar short shifter and haven’t put in the gear shifter bushing Can someone telling me where I can source one as it’s very sloppy please Thanks for the help👍
  2. Tan H

    Interior ideas!

    Can the great people of the micra group send some pictures of their K11 Micra interior for some ideas?!
  3. Tan H

    Heater problem! Very bad!

    My heater only works on position 4 (air comes through the vents nothing else) if I position towards my feet or both feet and head nothing happens.. this isn’t my heater resistor card as the speed 1-4 still works its the position of where the heat goes Don’t know how to fix this it’s a struggle...
  4. Tan H

    Short Shifter Mishap!

    I put the Pulsar short shifter on my car and now I struggle finding 1st and 2nd gear sometimes! With ur expertise do you think it’s because the return spring snapped? As there’s a lot of play Thank you for your help!
  5. Tan H


    Does anyone have any coilovers for the K11? Don’t mind if it’s corsa B coilovers too
  6. Tan H

    Custom interior lighting

    I want to install interior lights that change from blue to red after 4K revs. Is there any way of doing this?
  7. Tan H

    Need help asap 😬

    My horn relay goes off but the connector (connects to actual horn) doesn't show that the live is working Can someone help me I don't understand why it's not working
  8. Tan H

    What do I do???

    2002 micra : So basically my exhaust cracked from the silencer and was in an awkward way where welding would be very difficult. From there I got a pre facelift cat which I hollowed out and I have also got a brand new pre facelift centre pipe which I put on however, the exhaust is still hanging...
  9. Tan H

    Exhaust problems!

    My exhaust broke off from the centre silencer.. is it better if I get it welded or is it better if I use the pre-facelift exhaust and hollowed cat? Does it direct fit?
  10. Tan H

    Vacuum pipe

    Is there any vacuum pipes in the micra k11?
  11. Tan H

    Lowering springs

    Where could I get lowering springs from preferably lower than 35/40mm
  12. Tan H

    Parcel shelf

    Need parcel shelf with the speakers prefer it without the cut out for third brake light and would love it if it was around the Manchester area. Thanks!
  13. Tan H


    Any ideas of what seats I should put in my k11? Thinking Subaru but any suggestions?
  14. Tan H

    Strut brace

    Anyone selling strut brace for k11?
  15. Tan H


  16. Tan H


    Is there any way of making the sportex exhaust sit higher to the bumper?
  17. Tan H


    Does anyone have a k11 aftermarket exhaust for sale?
  18. Tan H

    Micra steering wheel help

    After market Steering wheel doesn't fit?! The boss kit Doesn't reach the spline facelift k11C how would I make it fit?