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  1. B

    K10 firing order/dizzy order

    I have the 1-3-4-2 order for the cylinders, what I need to know is what direction the order goes on the dizzy cap, all I have is "1" marked on it. Replacing HT leads allowed the car to start, but now running very lumpy. Might have crossed 2 over by accident.
  2. K10Club

    K10 Ignition Issues (Firing Order)?

    Hi all, I currently own a Micra K10 1988 Gsx SGL auto, and am having issues with the HT/ignition leads, and am not sure what the firing order is, or what order the leads need to be installed in from the distributor to the plug. Help please?!
  3. S

    k10 firing order !!!

    help i have bought a k10 and have just give it a bit of a service ie plugs , leads , disi cap and rotor arm however it now wont start !!!! i forgot to make a mark as to which lead goes where on the distributor cap can someone please tell me which is cylinder 1 on the engine as you...
  4. h701micra

    I give up

    Yea :) firing order is correct. Only cyl 4 was firing
  5. Enuo

    I give up

    sure ur firing order is right?
  6. frank

    Porks bike carbs and boost project

    is that the ecu,s the firing order neil ?
  7. frank

    why a car wouldnt start?

    incorrect ignition timing or sequence/firing order incorrect valve timing poor compression
  8. Ed

    Standalone ECU installation, I need some help please.

    The small hole will sync the ECU up so it knows the firing order for sequential injection.
  9. frank

    hi just wondering on advice and help please

    furby if its got a spark and compression, i doubt its the piston or rings could it be a broken rocker or misplaced pluglead (firing order) ?
  10. frank

    distributor cap removal

    the leads are set to the firing order MQ (1342, anticlock) so if you switch any around the cylinder wont fire :o
  11. pork

    Porks bike carbs and boost project

    :D Hahah, ok Is distributor in right order then?
  12. h701micra

    Porks bike carbs and boost project

    Noo. Your cylinders are still ordered 1-2-3-4 The 1-3-4-2 is their firing order. The dizzy bits right though :)
  13. P

    Micra K11 1.3 won’t start up

    ...running ok before changing distributor cap/rotor arm? If yes, then it maybe that the HT leads have been crossed over interchanged & the firing order interrupted. Haynes Workkshop manuals have a detail explanation how to verify rectify this issue. Use the MSC search function; firing...
  14. solarice

    Fitting replacement dizzy

    You do have to timing disc inside the dizzy the correct way that its firing in the right order?. Will check your other post while im at it :)
  15. C0llis0n

    Engine over heating and noisy! after re-fitting

    Right firing order is fine, pressures just not building up though, its pointing towards a faulty oil pump. Could explain what happened to the old tensioner:doh: Does anyone know where the oil pressure light wiring is?
  16. L

    Help asap!!!!!

    right the micra isnt starting. . sounding like it wants to but just isnt firing. . long story short can someone tell me what order the spark leads from the engine block go into the round thing beside it that they are plugged into (sorry not mechanically minded and do not know the terms) i think...
  17. Antony

    Sub + amp packages

    do your rears fire slightly later or are they fased slightly differently? i have had issues with echoeing with different sized amps before.... until my jvc sorted it out, (has speaker firing order control)
  18. frank

    Help Micra only running on one cylinder

    if its 1 it could be a broken inlet cam, if its 4 it can only be the wrong firing order on the plugleads surely ? fwn
  19. Noddie

    unequal length runner exh mani

    im confused... firing order is 1342 you want 1&3 to pulse together, so you make 1 longer so that the delay in 1 syncs it with 3. and you want 4&2 to pulse together so you need to make 4 longer to sync with 2? but you have made 1&2 longer? as for length difference, could you not just use...