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  1. k11boii

    When Karen takes the kids....

    Old photo of my old K11 that sadly died in April of this year (2019) #riprusti
  2. k11boii

    Bucket seats

    Hi, is anyone running bucket seats? If you are, what sort, how hard was it to install and did you have to buy special mountings or fabricate some? Thanks. :)
  3. k11boii

    Dizzy packs to Coil Packs

    Hiya, I have a 2000 W reg Micra (As suggested by my profile picture lol) and I fancy converting my dizzy spark packs to coil packs. Is this possible and is there any problems I might face? Thanks....
  4. k11boii

    EBC YellowStuff pads

    Hey, does anyone know where i can pick up some EBC YellowStuff pads from? Thanks. ;)