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  1. NavoIsMyName

    Sr20 injectors please advise!!!!!!

    So I have been told the injectors in the image bellow will work in our Micra CGA inlet manifold but I've been told I have to have the correct resistance injector any idea if these are plug and play or what will work ? Thanks in advance
  2. NavoIsMyName

    Top feed Injectors

    Sorry if this thread has already been discussed were currently building a turbo set up k11 track car were going down the top feed injector route but need some help choosing the correct cc So my question for a 8-10psi boost set up what would be too small of a cc and too big as I'm struggling to...
  3. NavoIsMyName

    The Mean Green Track Machine

    Hi guys welcome to my blog of our k11 Micra 1.3 track car build we have massive plans for this car so decided I would begin to make a blog to back up my YouTube channel that I post vlogs on to show things that didn't quite get in to the videos So our Micra started life as a bog standard 1.3...