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  1. Bash1989

    Any Retro gamers out there?

    Hey there, im moving house soon so i gotta get rid of some stuff,its my old retro collection some of you might be interested and some not lol. Offers on everything: Mega cd 2 (with mega drive) and a few games Original gameboy with both covers (grey) Original gameboy with both covers...
  2. Bash1989

    Ally for sale

    Hey people i've decided to sell up so my car is now for sale, heres the things that may need attention: Battery (there aint one lol)....There is now, starts first time wiper blades out of tax nearly out of M.O.T runs out 17th september but should fly through she runs perfectly once a...
  3. Bash1989

    Factory Rear Speakers

    Having fought a long and hard battle with no money after being made redundant its time to sell a few bits off my car, i have a set of genuine rear parcel shelf speakers, they come with the loom and the covers.Unfortunately i had to cut the plug off so you can connect them with a chocolate block...
  4. Bash1989

    Foglight Relay?

    Hey guys just need some help, i've sold my foglight kit to rammy and i got everything off except the relay , unfortunately i cannot remember which one it is so can anyone tell me? oh and by the way i cant check cause i dont have a battery lol, Cheers Ash
  5. Bash1989

    Sell or not to sell

    Hey Guys Ash here , got a little question for you lot. I'm thinking about selling my micra as times are getting hard and im fed up with the final demand letters coming through my door and i could use some cash. So do you think i should sell ally ? and if so how much do you reckon my baby would...
  6. Bash1989

    Anyone know whos this is?

    I quite liked the look of this k10, done a good job with the stripe i reckon. Anyone knows whos it is? its a 1.2 gsx
  7. Bash1989

    K11 Facelift Foglight Kit

    Hey people, i need to get some money fast so up for grabs is my foglight kit which consists of; foglights (obviously lol),wiring,relay and the stalk. There is one downside which is that i cannot accept paypal because mine is up the duff so a bank transfer would be best. i'm looking for 60 quid...
  8. Bash1989

    PC Parts

    Hey all i know its random and not Micra related but the other day my pc decided to fry itself so what im after is a cheap motherboard if anyone has one? Normally i wouldnt bother replacing it but i built the thing myself and id like to keep it going as it was the main thing i used to play games...
  9. Bash1989

    Right Click control unit

    Hey after putting my battery on charge my central locking hasnt worked, and was wondering if any of you guys has a right click control unit??
  10. Bash1989

    Windows Live messenger 8.5

    Hey iv recently updated my pc to the new msn but it wont let me sign in, it comes up with this "Windows Live Communications Platform has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience" can anyone help?
  11. Bash1989

    Minty k11 spotted in Yeovil

    I spotted a minty sort of green k11 on ilchester road about 10:40 this morning it had the forum stickers on it and it was a woman driver
  12. Bash1989

    Minty k11 spotted in Yeovil

    I spotted a minty sort of green k11 on ilchester road about 10:40 it had the forum stickers on it and it was a woman driver
  13. Bash1989

    Bash's Ally

    Woo lol . This is my blog im going to slowly update it because i lead a busy life :blush: Well here goes. My car when i bought it, oh and heres my old car which is the only thing my dad ever really gave me.
  14. Bash1989

    Indicator stalk on a k11 facelift?

    I was wondering how do i change the indicator stalk as i've recently bought a front foglight kit off ebay
  15. Bash1989

    Pink march cab lol

    Look what i found on ebay lol
  16. Bash1989

    Sony Ericsson K850 problem

    Hi i've recently bought a k850 and when i press a button its like im pressing the screen if that makes sense? it goes all funny coloured, e.g if i press # it doesnt do anything but as a move up like say i was pressing 3 it gets quite bad. Maybe its a manufacturing problem. anyone got any ideas...
  17. Bash1989

    Anyone seen one of these???

    i was looking for a couple of pics in google and i found this, anyone seen one of these before? looks kinda funny lol, its called a march box lol
  18. Bash1989

    Hazard Switch

    Hey i need some advice i have a facelift k11 and i want to modify my hazard switch so the indicators will work with my alarm, how do i remove the switch?
  19. Bash1989

    The mystery plug LoL

    i've found a plug behind my offside headlight but i'm unsure to what its there for,i'm kinda hoping its for foglights but im not gonna take the does anyone know what its for? sorry about the quality of the images it was too dark lol . any who cheers in advance
  20. Bash1989

    Number plate light holder

    Hey just a quickie, i was wondering if a pre facelift k11 number plate light holder will be a direct swap onto a facelift k11 boot?