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  1. Super ted

    How do I change the title of my thread ?

    Any suggestions on how to edit my blogs title? Thank you Sent from my SM-G920F using Micra Sports Club mobile app
  2. Super ted

    Sr20 swap, Almera gti, k10 micra build

    I Bought my K10 two years ago as a cheap run around, as I didnt want to use my s2000 or 350z in the winter time. It's a 1989 Ls model, garaged all its life, one previous owner and only 60k on the clock. I fell in love with it straight away and decided it needed a little embellishment. So...
  3. Super ted

    1.0L - 1.2L engine swap and carburettor upgrade

    Hi, I'd like to squeeze a bit more power from my 1.2L K10 micra. I'm going to upgrade the inlet and carburettor. I hear of people using weber, su and bike carbs. Then making adaptor plates to fit different inlet manifolds. What I'd like to know is, which inlets and carburettors ar best for...