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  1. Courior

    Super Quick PC for sale!!

    As some of you know im leaving the UK for good.. PC is too much to take with me and i got a decent lappo so no need for it. specs are: -17" GNR Gaming Screen -Atrix Gaming case with full manual/auto fan and temperature control systems -Foxconn Motherboard - GB Ethernet - 1333mhz supported...
  2. Courior

    1.2 Pre-Cat Full exhaust system for sale VGC

    just sold the micra... got a full pre-cat system left over with exhaust manifold. it s in great condidtion. offers? Cheers
  3. Courior

    Set of Standard K10 Rims with good Tyres

    just sold the micra... so got the standard rims left over.. offers?? the tyres are good! Cheers
  4. Courior

    Dell Inspiron 6400 For Sale £350 FAST

    Im selling my Dell 6400 laptop for £350, Specs: Core Duo 2Ghz 2GB Ram 120Gb HDD X1400 ATI Radeon Gfx card 15.4 Screen DVDRW Bluetooth 9 CELL BATTERY!! last an age. Card Reader Windows XP Media Center VERY good condition .. Im an Senior I.T Techy at work so its always kept tuned and...
  5. Courior

    FREEBIE!!! K10 Bonnet in VGC (needs paint)

    Im getting rid of my old K10 bonnet. Its got a graffiti style paint job so will need painting... but its not got much rust on it at all! all straight and true!! its a freebie to whoever can pick it up ASAP ... next sunday its going down the dump. Cheers, Courior
  6. Courior


    i know i know,,, its a 206.. but its a good mates car and we want it back.. was taken at knife point. Please post if you have seen this or parts of it? was stolen yesterday in west london. Cheers, Courior
  7. Courior

    Motorbike and Laptop for sale

    Well im moving country as ive had enough of this one.. I have a honda CD250U. its a basic reliable bike, 250cc 22BHP, 5 Gears, Well Maintained, new sprockets, chain, oil. with MOT and TAX till Aug. 80-90mpg easy. excellent little bike, also has a topbox for the shopping. Very good condition...
  8. Courior

    I Want One Of These!!!!! video here
  9. Courior

    tough little motor!!

    as the title says!!
  10. Courior

    funny video! hahah poor people
  11. Courior

    WANTED: Amp for a Sub

    my amp is a Radio Mobile RA400 MOSFET 2 channel amp... £9 off ebay a year ago.. its been amazing so far but now a red light thats labelled "PROT" has come on and the sub just makes a faint drum beat noise every 2 secs... i have removed it and replaced thinking this would reset something? and its...
  12. Courior

    1.2 with 155BHP?

    This is prob for the mechanics among us but all info Greatly appricieted.. i have been seeing loads of cars with bike engines installed. and i was wondering how do you mate a bike motor with a car or do you make the car chain driven and use the bikes sequential gearbox (would be cool)...
  13. Courior

    K10 Super S 1.2 if offer is right!

    I'm thinking about selling the SS. i knew the next step was a 1.3 K11 but i just saw this on ebay and loved how it looks. I still think its the best looking micra out there (k10 ss that is), but i want fuel injection, PAS, more off the shelf mods etc... ATM its in good physical condition, Fordy...
  14. Courior

    another MPG thread

    first off a MERRY XMAS TO YOU ALL!!!!! well, my mpg is getting worse by the week. and my latest theory is that one or both of my CATS are damaged, reasons are: 1. car smokes a lot (white) 2. rattleing from exhaust but i removed the heatsheild, 3. Car backfires/pops a lot from exhaust...
  15. Courior

    sunny carb

    will the carb off this fit my K10?? i have already got a standard 1.0L inlet manifold for it to go onto. he wants £90 for it delivered, is this a good price??? also would i see better gains/mpg...
  16. Courior

    drift micra 2

    the first drift micra thread prompted a look on youtube... there are plenty of vids.. this one is pretty good!!
  17. Courior

    Mods and MPG

    as you might of read in the other thread i made my K10 SS is a thirsty little thing.... now i dont mind this if its MY fault with the mods i made, cause then i have a reason and i know how to fix it.. so im ment to get 50mpg, ok its an old car, say 45. Im currently getting 36mpg. now would the...
  18. Courior

    What do you all rekon??

    this seems pretty clean.. am thinking about getting a 1.3 K11
  19. Courior

    Spring Assistors?

    When im fully loaded and i hit a bump my front wheels rub. will these help?? Cheers!!
  20. Courior

    Kwik Fit ... NICE!

    Got in the car today... steering was unusually heavy... got out and had a look and sure enough was greeted by screw in me tyre! ... called up kwik fit (closest place to me) and they were closing in 1 hour (today on sunday) .. whipped the wheel off and put my spare on.. after a fun 5 mins drive...