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    Rear-left fog bulb not working

    But the light bulb is ok. I checked it and it's not faulty. What else should I check? Can it be a fuse? Somethings else?
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    Malfunction Indicator Light ON + wrench sign

    Hi all, This is probably a simple question... The orange Malfunction Indicator Light / Check Engine Light came on, and I can also see a wrench sign on the dispaly, where the mileage is shown with the minus sign. ( something like "-250 and wrench sign") I thought this is because the oil filter...
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    What bulb type is this?

    This is the front bulb on the top of the headlight bulb. I can't see any product code on it. Does anybody know? (See attached photos) Micra SR, 1.6L, 2007, K12