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  1. J

    Time Travel

    To travel through time, a topic much argued and explored. What is your opinion on time travel? - Do you believe it is possible? - Do you have any theories of your own? Get discussing.
  2. J

    Nissan 200SX. (S13)

    Mmmmm, I wants one. Who else likes? How are they like? (If you have driven one.)
  3. J

    Micra K11

    I want a Nissan Micra K11 for cheap; cheap because I want one with engine problems but very good body. In other words, scrap. I live in the South East London area. Any out there?
  4. J

    Ever just get bored/tired with Cars?

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    Doesn't it Suck?

    When you sell your car to a person who treats it like ####? - I sold my 100NX to my next door neighbor, who ragged it and drove it when he was drunk. Let his kids sit on the bonnet and jump all over the T-Bar roof. Then he sold it to his friend, but the friend and her boyfriend broke up. He...
  6. J

    Subaru Impreza 2.0 Non-Turbo (GC8)

    Has anyone owned/drove or have been a passenger in one of these? - I know it's a non-turbo but 0-60mph isn't too bad. I just want it for the 4WD system. :glance:
  7. J

    Directline's awful.

    Next year I will have my 2nd NCB as a name driver. But they won't insure me with anything fun. No fiat uno turbo.. no 1.6 mr2.. no 1.8 celica.. Not even when I'm 20 and have 2NCB. None of these cars are available to me based on insurance. Maybe I should just drive a 1.0 for the rest of my...
  8. J

    I want a Fiat Uno Turbo..

    I've wanted one for over a year now, can anyone tell me any information about them? I've done a google search and looked on Wiki. However I can't find like.. 0-60 times and all the other technical stuff. Can anyone help or tell me what they know about this machine?
  9. J

    Scrapped Micra

    I was thinking of having a little project, but this is not for definite. Are there any scrapped Micra's out there? (Preferably engine damage rather body damage) I am willing to pay of course, however it needs to be close. (SE London) Any one?
  10. J

    How much are these worth?

    I think I have 2 left over SR20 distributors, a wrecked head (which I can pull out the valves and stuff), 1 intake camshaft and an SR20 rocker cover. These are all the left over crap from the awful Primera which plagues my life and put a huge hole in my pocket. Are these worth anything...
  11. J

    1.3 Micra.

    Price = 500 Pounds, more or less. South east London.
  12. J

    YOUR Car History!?

    Nissan Micra 93'! (1.3) Nissan 100NX 95'! (1.6) Nissan Primera 97'! (2.0) (These are real pictures of my cars, not snatched from Google!) What's your Car History!? (Pictures preferred)
  13. J

    I've had enough.

    This Primera is sending me crazy; I sorted out the timing, and the car run as smooth as a baby's bottom. On a drive around town, the car went funny. The whole thing started to vibrate, so something has gone terribly wrong. I feel like putting a hammer to it, and break it. I just feel like...
  14. J

    The Primera's Compresstion Test..

    Before it read about 12 - 14 BAR each cylinder, however I had to remove the head as I needed to check the timing and check anything that I may have missed. Now the compression is like.. 8.5 Bar for each cylinder.. and the car cranks fine but doesn't start. I know the timing is correct because...
  15. J

    Primera is giving me trouble.

    I replaced the head (New set of cam shafts etc etc). I did all the timing as required (I think). The car starts but it doesn't idle itself unless I give it full throttle in which the car will only rev maximum to 3K Revs. Any ideas? Video of it below
  16. J

    How to time the engine???

    Seeing as the CG13DE has pretty much the same specifications as the SR20DE in terms of being chain driven, DOHC etc. How do I time the engine so the cams are in time with the crankshaft from scratch? - Ive search but I cannot find. Thanks.
  17. J

    Traders Insurance?

    Does anyone know any thing about these policies? Also, does anyone know companies who offer trader's insurance offering policies with named drivers under the age of 25?
  18. J

    Just what I god damn needed.

    The image speaks for itself, I've currently got the head off. The pistons and valves had taken no damage, thank the lord.
  19. J

    any nissan breakers/scrapyards?

    are there any in an london area? O.o (Preferably south east london)
  20. J

    New Car!

    Nissan Primera 1997 2.0 SRi. 92K Miles on the clock. All for 520GBP! What do you think? :suspect: