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  1. Super S Dave

    Aftermarket speedos

    Ive got a vague notion of ripping out all of the dash and just wiring in standalone gauges (as ive already got most of the important ones in) Has anyone done this? Trying to save a tad more weight!! Its the speedo im most concerned about, re milage etc for mot's etc, thanks guys
  2. Super S Dave

    Rear Super S Mudflaps

    Any one got any rear super s mud flaps 93' the colour matched ones? will buy full set if i have too! Cheers Dave
  3. Super S Dave

    PPC in the park 2014

    Someone's been greasing someone's palms, Mallory is hosting PPCITP again this year, 24th Aug, camping, booze etc, I'm deffo going but is there going to be a a k10/11 clan going down, need to stick it to the big boys again!!
  4. Super S Dave

    Bonnet Gas Struts

    I want to use some gas struts on the bonnet, which ones have been used with success? Cheers guys n gals!
  5. Super S Dave

    Wanted - Composite Rocker Cover

    Hello guys, if anyone's got one of the black composite/plastic rocker covers for sale let me know!
  6. Super S Dave

    Track Action

    Bit of footage from Oulton Park last Friday
  7. Super S Dave

    Metal Head Gasket

    Anyone know where you can get the multi layer metal head gaskets from?
  8. Super S Dave

    Rear windows

    Anyone know how to convert pop outs to fixed windows on 2dr k11s?
  9. Super S Dave

    Lightened Flywheel

    Any one got a billet flywheel going, TTV or Jun or similar? Let me know if so, cheers guys n gals! Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  10. Super S Dave

    Front tow eye Removal

    Anyone removed one of these, I'm struggling a little and the angle grinder is coming out soon if not sorted! I've taken the two bolts out from under the 'u' and the two at the side, I can't really see or feel anymore but it's still holding? Any help or advice appreciated! Sent from my iPod...
  11. Super S Dave

    Billet Fly wheel

    Still after a lightened billet fly wheel if any ones got one! Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  12. Super S Dave

    PPC in the Park 13'

    Anyone fancy sticking it to the 106 boys at PPC in the park this year! I had an awesome time last year and was the only non auto cross K11 there! Come on guys n gals, bin your interior and get your little beasties on the track! Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  13. Super S Dave

    Billet Fly Wheel

    Anyone got a billet lightened flywheel for a 1.3 for sale? Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  14. Super S Dave

    Turbo size

    I'm looking into putting a turbo on my super s, it's running bike carbs and there is a 30hp n2o direct port system going on, just doing some research as what turbo size would suit set up? Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  15. Super S Dave

    Lightened Fly Wheel

    Any one know of a decent lightweight flywheel for sale? Need one for a 1.3 Super S, cheers folks! Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  16. Super S Dave

    Lightened fly wheel

    Anyone tell me their experiences of running a lightened flywheel on daily driver/track car? Considering it but have concerns, cheers folks!
  17. Super S Dave

    14 x 7 wheels - tyre size

    Hello folks, just bought some lovely BBS old Skool alloys, any recommend the right tyre size to keep my speedo right?
  18. Super S Dave

    Awesome day at Mallory!

    Guys get your Micra's out on the track, people laugh and look bemused then stand round your car trying to find the non existent turbo or nos! They are quick because they are awesome little cars! Much love for my Godzuki today! Should organise a forum track sesh and embarrass the 106 and Saxo...
  19. Super S Dave

    Fuel line

    Im putting an alloy plate in the drivers footwell, the fuel line doesn't run any where near does it? Can't find my Haynes!
  20. Super S Dave

    Wheely good deal!

    Just brought a great OMP style from, if you make a purchase and mention 'swissax' you'll get a FREE MOMO window sticker - just spreading the love! Great steering wheel actually third of the price of an OMP, light and well built too! cheers all!