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  1. Tom Messy

    I miss my Micra!!

    I sold the Micra in October and got myself a 206 2.0 HDI. The Micra was still running well, was very nice to drive, new box and clutch etc but I fancied something quicker and supposedly still economical. 4 months into owning the 206, I wish I'd kept the Micra or just got another one. Drives like...
  2. Tom Messy

    Silver M reg 1.0 Mauritius for sale in Suffolk - £500

    M reg Mauritius for sale, for £500 as the title says - I did want a bit more ideally, but I need it sold ASAP as I've just bought a 2.0 Pug 206 :D I really do need this sold, we will be a 5 car family once I've got my 206, and we have 2 Micras to go. The other one is also listed on here...
  3. Tom Messy

    X Reg Micra 1.0 S for sale in Suffolk

    NEW LOWER PRICE! This is my Mum's Micra up for sale, so here's the description I've been given! My silver 1995 Micra is also for sale if there's any interest in it - same location NISSAN MICRA 1.0S X REG (LATE 2000) ONLY 70,600 MILES Blue. In very good condition. Regularly and well...
  4. Tom Messy

    Shuddering and stalling

    Hi all, Since I ran out of petrol a little while ago (the fuel gauge lied!) the car has been shuddering, losing revs and then stalling when idle, which was a slight pain in traffic as you might imagine. I had to give it a few revs when not moving to keep it going. I have run some injector...
  5. Tom Messy

    Re-wiring aeral cable

    (1995 Pre-facelift K11) I'm having to re-wire the aerial cable, as my standard cable is shot for one reason or another. I'll probably get a new standard aerial too if I can find one as my one is bent and the connections are naff. My question is, can I just use standard aerial cable to re-wire...
  6. Tom Messy

    Washer Jet Fuse?

    Hi all, Quick question really. Does anyone know what size fuse the washer jet motor takes? I'm rigging up another water spray system for this hot weather :) Also, if I ran 2 of these motors, could I run them off the same fuse? Cheers for any help, Tom
  7. Tom Messy

    Interior Fuse Box on driver's side

    I thought I'd make a new thread for this question, rather than put it in my existing thread. Is the fuse box by the driver's door earthed in any way? I've narrowed all my current electrical problems down to more or less everything on that fuse box! The bottom screw holding it in place is...
  8. Tom Messy

    Car won't start

    Hi all, As the title says, my '95 K11 won't start. It tries, but can never actually get the engine started - it nearly starts, but then cuts out before it can. My dad's first thoughts are plugs or HT leads, but does anyone else have any ideas? The cheaper the better!! :doh: Cheers in...
  9. Tom Messy

    Diamond D3 Tweeter problems

    Hi all, long time no see! I have a pair of Diamond D3 co-axial speakers in the Micra, and one of the tweeters is playing up. It sounds like there's a loose connection somewhere but I can't find a way in to find out what's wrong - there's just a couple of wires going up to it from the base of...
  10. Tom Messy

    Photo of ariel wiring?

    Hi, Does anyone have, or could anyone take a photo of their ariel wiring above the driver's door please? Mine has obviously been tampered with at some point, and I'm not sure how it's meant to go. There appears to be a cable with two sets of wires running through, but it's been messed around...
  11. Tom Messy

    Once you've fitted side skirts...

    ... how do you jack up the car? Wont the skirts get in the way of the jack points? Tom
  12. Tom Messy

    Gearbox questions, ASAP pretty please!!!

    Hi, I am changing my gearbox oil now, and I have a couple of questions if anyone would be so kind as to help out asap: I unscrewed a 12mm bolt on what I thought was the speedo cable, but is aparrently not! it's drained my oil out rather sooner than I had hoped. What have I undone? It's not...
  13. Tom Messy

    Replacing gearbox

    Hi, I have some questions for those of you who have fitted gearboxes... Mine seems to be coming to the end of it's life in my 1.0 '95. It's whining loudly in most gears now, and I can't stand it any longer. Question is, what level of difficulty would you say changing the gearbox is? My...
  14. Tom Messy

    Anyone good with websites/google listings?

    Hi, I have build websites for myself, a taxi company and a wedding car company, and would like to get them to appear higher up (or even at all!) on google. How does google work out how high you place in searches, and how would I get my sites further up in the search listings? The sites...
  15. Tom Messy

    Site for standard car specs etc?

    My friend followed me home yesterday in her 1.4 Polo (1996), and she was saying how she couldn't keep up with my 1.0 K11. Now I know the Polo is a heavier car, and I *think* it won't rev as high but not sure, but I would assume it was still quicker than my K11, no? I can't believe it is slower...
  16. Tom Messy

    FLI active sub not working

    The other day my sub just cut out and no longer has any power getting to it (both green and red lights are off, and makes no noise). I have checked my wiring and it all seems fine. Fuses are also in tact. The sub's amp (built in) is wired exactly the same as my main amp, so I can't see what is...
  17. Tom Messy

    Connecting to Xbox Live through PC

    I'm trying to connect my 360 to our network, but it can't find the details like IP address, gateway, and DNS stuff. If I input that manually, where would I get the information? Tom Should be in non car chat, sorry!
  18. Tom Messy

    Boxed 6x9s

    I've seen several places selling boxes for 6x9s. What is the benefit of that over, say, just sitting them in solid parcel shelf? Also why is it better to box them if I have a sub beneath them? Cheers, Tom
  19. Tom Messy

    Amusing doctors visit...

    Just had a nice trip to the doctors for an unusual reason. I was cleaning my fish tank which houses a pufferfish, and he lunged at me. I've had him 2.5 years now and he's never gone for me. He usually just follows my hand round the tank. But anyway he missed me and I pushed him away. I carried...
  20. Tom Messy

    Insurance Renewal

    It's coming up to the time when I will need to renew my insurance, and hopefully I will get my first no claims bonus. Thing is, My insurance doesnt seem to have dropped at all. Ecar (who I'm with now) have even increased my price by £100! I thought I was going to get a decent drop? I'm still...