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  1. K11 Gazza

    The Second Revival of the Black K11 S - Eva

    Right where to Start is the good Question here :rolleyes:! Few Pictures and a bit of a Story coming at you :p! Not been on here for so long as since laying the Micra up, In that time I've had about 10 different cars and now have a '95 540i V8 :D and my Brother has a '04 Audi A4 1.8t S Line :)...
  2. K11 Gazza

    Anti Roll Bar Size

    Just wondering if anyone can tell me what the Standard Front and Rear Roll Bar sizes are?
  3. K11 Gazza

    K11 Parts Wanted

    Hi all, I am looking for bits my K11 to to and bring it back from the dead ha! Need to be local to East Yorkshire or able to post 2 x Front Wings Super S Front Bumper Headlights Early K11 Grille 1.3 Engine Exhaust Manifold - 4-2-1 Preferably Bigger Throttle Body Steering Column Coilovers or...
  4. K11 Gazza

    Installing a Harness

    Hi all! Just thought i would add this as i think it gives you a good idea of what needs to be done when fitting harnesses :)
  5. K11 Gazza

    FrankSpeed Mani or Turbo Mani

    As title says, Looking for a Turbo or Frankspeed Mani. Let me Know. Cheers :)
  6. K11 Gazza

    S13 Air Flow?

    Why do some people have these in their setups? Just trying to find out more Info for a possible build :oops: Cheers
  7. K11 Gazza

    Turbo Oil Feeds

    Would these kits suffice for all the lines that need fitting when installing the kit?
  8. K11 Gazza

    Turbo Parts - Looking for a bit of Everything+=

    As title syas, I amk looking for Turbo parts, I have a manifold which has a T2 flange on it, Just looking all the ohter bits I need. Let me know :) Jordan
  9. K11 Gazza

    Bogging in 3rd Gear?

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem? When changing from 2nd to 3rd with your foot down it feels like its bogging down throughout the Rev range for a couple of seconds and then picks back up, does it all the the time but only on 3rd? Any Ideas? Cheers
  10. K11 Gazza

    WTD: 4-2-1 Manifold

    As above wanting a 4-2-1 Manifold if anyones got one :)
  11. K11 Gazza

    WTD: Wheels and Suspension Gear

    Give us a bell with what you have got :) Cheers
  12. K11 Gazza

    Front Springs (Matiz Set Up - Sorry)

    Now then :), I have got a Matiz suspension set up to put on Micra, Just need something clearing up, If y'all can help me. Which Top Mounts and Spring Cups need to be used, Matiz or Micra and If I were to cut a coil or two off would the top of the spring need heating up and reworking to sit...
  13. K11 Gazza

    Boss Fitting?

    Hey all, Just got a steering wheel and a boss for the Micra, fitted it earlier and noticed that it doesn't sit that far down the shaft as in it doesn't sit as far back as the original? :confused: Any Ideas?
  14. K11 Gazza

    Springs Question?

    Tried using the search function and failed :oops: so here goes, I have got a full set off Matiz Springs and Front Shocks, a Set of Civic springs and also Corsa rear shocks. Now my question is Which Springs and Shocks are best to use and What needs doing to them to make them fit? Sorry if this...
  15. K11 Gazza

    Turbo Bits and Bobs

    Hi all, Just wondering whether anyone has any bits to Turbo a Micra that they are not using and are looking to sell. Cheers
  16. K11 Gazza

    WANTED, K11 Wind Deflectors and Strut Braces

    Hello everyone, Just wondering weather anyone has any of the above for sale? Thanks Gaz.
  17. K11 Gazza

    Black Pre-facelift Bonnet

    Hi, As title says looking for a Black Pre-facelift Bonnet, Not to bothered about condition of it. Thanks
  18. K11 Gazza

    FAO Anybody Going To JAE

    Is there somebody who is going to JAE that would be willing to pick some bits up of NeX for me and take them home and I will then sort out a Courier to collect from where ever they need to be collected from? :blush: As I don't think I am going to be able to make it this Year :down:
  19. K11 Gazza

    Coil Over Question

    Hi, Does anybody know if Mk3 Golf Coil Overs can be modded to fit the K11 ? As I can get hold off some quite cheap :)
  20. K11 Gazza

    Fuel Gauge isn't Working

    The problem is its stuck passed empty and not sure whats wrong with it.. Any Ideas???:(