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  1. Skinner_87

    Rear ARB Droplink size

    Hi Guys, Can anybody tell me the bolt diameter for the rear ARB mounting to the body?
  2. Skinner_87

    WANTED: K11 kit car / wide arch parts

    Looking for any wide track parts: Bottom arms, arches, axle etc
  3. Skinner_87

    K11 1.0 Coilpack Hunting on idle

    Hi guys, been a while since i've been back on here! Got hold of a K11 coilpack for a cheap daily (never dealt with the CGA much) and its gradually gotten worse and worse to the point now its hunting on idle from about 500rpm to 2000rpm! MAF sensor was supposedly replaced last year & there's no...
  4. Skinner_87

    Gripper Limited Slip Diff

    As title looking for a Gripper diff in tarmac spec. Thank you
  5. Skinner_87

    WANTED: T25 Turbo charger

    Wanted: T25 turbo, must be in good condition. Thanks
  6. Skinner_87

    Stand alone turbo oil system

    Looking for ideas and feedback on an idea i've had. Rather than add fittings & remove the sump for an oil return i've been putting some thought toward a stand alone oil system to feed a turbo. Electric oil pump and small reservoir to feed the turbo with a return to an oil cooler and back to...
  7. Skinner_87

    CG bike carb kit

    FOR SALE: CG bike carb setup. This is a plug and play kit containing CBR900rr carbs (currently jetted to suit a modified CG13 but will come with smaller jets to tune to your spec) they were sonically cleaned and rebuilt, offset Bogg Brothers manifold so the brake servo is retained, step down...
  8. Skinner_87

    Inlet track length / trumpet length

    Evening folks, it's a long shot but does anyone have any information on the total inlet track length the NME for Nismo K11's run at all? Looking at trumpets to install next and any previous measuent would be a big help :)
  9. Skinner_87

    AV22 caliper bleed nipples

    Hi folks would anyone have a good stockist or a pair of good 2nd hand bleed nipples for the AV22 brake calipers. Iv bought 2 new sets now and both are too short to seal and leak fluid everywhere despite being listed for the GTiR by the manufature
  10. Skinner_87

    Red injector CC confirmation

    Evening folks, can anyone confirm the cc of the red nissan top feed injectors? Been looking online and have 3 different rates, I seem to remember them being 199cc?
  11. Skinner_87

    Relay positions

    Hey folks, just looking to double check relay positions for a facelift as I can only really find preface info. The wiring on mine as normal doesn't tally well to the Haynes manual! I'm thinking the top left relay on the fuse board is the fuel pump and the middle blue relay in the engine bay is...
  12. Skinner_87

    100 NX / 1.6 Brake setup

    Can anyone give me an accurate weight for the 100nx front caliper setup please? Calipers / pads/ carriers / discs all togeather
  13. Skinner_87

    Photoshop decal request

    Hello peeps of the MSC. Is there anyone out there far more tech/art savvy than me who could do a side on Photoshop of a decal for me?
  14. Skinner_87

    1.3 Camshafts

    Pair of 1.3 camshafts that were kept for spares no longer needed. Taken from a 38k miles engine £50 posted to the UK
  15. Skinner_87

    K11 Mudflaps

    K11 mud flaps, genuine nissan not eBay copies. Open to an offer The car doesn't get much use in the wet so they aren't really needed
  16. Skinner_87

    FREE K11 parts

    Coming across odds and sods I no longer need, if anyone wants them they are free to a good home :) (all that's needed is the postage covered) If anyone else is in the same situation post away on this thread :)
  17. Skinner_87

    Battery cable rating

    Hello, Can anyone recommend the correct battery cable for a k11 re Amp rating? Also if the length of the cable has much of an impact? Any help always appreciated :)
  18. Skinner_87

    Light weight dash

    Hello, I have removed the ally dash out of my k11 now. If anyone is interested drop me a pm. Will pop a pick up from my blog. Can be used with the heather installed to demist the windscreen
  19. Skinner_87

    Facelift black headlights

    Hi folks spent the last few days painting up a spare set of facelift lights. £55 posted to the uk
  20. Skinner_87

    Heater Delete

    Hi folks, Removing & bypassing the heather matrix. Are there any pros or cons to either looping the hoses back into each other inside the bulkhead vs joining the pipes that run from the block itself?