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  1. Sharman

    Fitting bias valve

    Hi I know there have been many discussions on braking and bias valves, but has anyone got a basic diagrams of the layout to fit a bias valve to the Micra k11. I know the self adjusting valve will need to be removed and I have twin brake lines internally going to the rear, I presume this needs to...
  2. Sharman

    Fire Extinguisher Servicing

    Hi I have a Lifeline 2000 2.25 mechanical plumbed in extinguisher and a Commander hand held. I pressume they both need servicing after two years? If so is it me or are they heavily cashing in to service them £38 + post to look over it and maybe weigh it! Is their a cheaper company, do you have...
  3. Sharman

    f1000 - Need extra power

    Hi All Need to improve performance of my 1996 Rally Car. It has a standard 1.0lt original engine with: Peter Lloyd exhaust Matt Humpries Induction with K&N filter NGK BKR5E - 11 plugs Body can have a little bit more lightning, but I know that compared to some of my counter parts it is power...
  4. Sharman

    Carbon Fibre Door Cards

    Hi Thinking of replacing rally car door panels with Carbon Fibre, obviously to save a bit of weight. Has anyone done this and where to buy them from suitable for the K11. I have found one reasonably priced company £85 a pair...
  5. Sharman

    Matt Humpries Air Box Filter

    Hi Does anyone one know what replacement filter goes into the Matt Humpries Air box, unfortunately my Green Cotton Panel Filter fell out during the last rally. I know it needs to be around 270mm x 170mm approx but when ordering a replacement they want to know what car it fits?
  6. Sharman

    Question: Oil Catch Tank fitting

    Hi Need urgent advice. Rallying on the 26th April ( this Sat) and even though my car passed its log booking in Feb/March I have just found out I now need to fit Catch tank. I did see one article on here about it but I am still confussed. I have a Matt Humphries air in take and just bought a 1...
  7. Sharman

    Weight of K11 Disk braked axle

    Hi Just bought axle for K11 with hubs and no disc's. Anybody know how heavy they are, I need to send a courier to pick it up?
  8. Sharman

    6 point harness fitting

    Hi I have to fit my 6 point harness, but my OMP cage does not have a cross bar to attach the harness to. I was hoping to use the existing seat belt holes for the rear(I have read that they should be no less than 45 deg as long as the seats are suitable, not sure if my OMP seats are) and middle...
  9. Sharman

    Window Film - HELP

    Hi, I need help I have bought the Soft-ray SOLAR CONTROL Window film which is used fro making the to side windows into safety glass but because of the thickness of this stuff and the double curvature of the glass I have four elongated bubbles that wont go. I am onto my second sheet after ripping...
  10. Sharman

    Fuel & Brake Lines - In or Out

    Hope someone can help me make my mind up. I was going to bring my Fuel & Brake lines inside for my stage rally car, but it seems by looking at a lot of rally cars on the forum most of you are leaving them out. Am I correct and if so are you making covers off the chassis rails! Or am I wrong and...
  11. Sharman

    Roll cage help

    Can anyone help. I have just bought a new OMP bolt in basic roll cage and have spent all day trying to get the front frame inside the car. What am I doing wrong, as it just won't fit. Everything is out apart from the dash. Has anyone fitted one before and did the dash need removing.
  12. Sharman

    Fuel tank cover

    I would like to make my own kevlar petrol tank cover. Has anyone made one, if so how many sheets of kevlar are used and what's best to resin it together? Sent from my GT-I9100 using Micra Sports Club mobile app
  13. Sharman

    Rally car Prep blog

    I thought I would would start my blog. Bought the car during the bad snow in March 2013, snapped up for just over £300 from ebay. Brought the car back down from Chester, which was a little way from my home of Bromsgrove. Always fancied a White one for rally prepping so this was just perfect...
  14. Sharman

    Event: Lowered springs on ebay

    Thought I would highlight parts on ebay found as other members have done: Sent from my GT-I9100 using Micra Sports Club mobile app
  15. Sharman

    How To?

    I wanted to start a blog, but am stumped to how to upload my images. Do I have to become a paid member to show pictures? Or can anyone explain how it is done.
  16. Sharman

    Rally car preparation

    Just stripped out my 1.0lt micra ready for it's rebuild for competing in Rallyfirst. I believe in not re creating the wheel and doing what looks best. So can someone tell me: where best to run internal brake lines. The best (maybe cheapest) way to mount the bucket seats. It seems that you...
  17. Sharman

    K11 Rally pa.rts wanted

    Hi, I am preparing a Rallyfirst 1.0lt car for my son and to try and keep costs down, I am after some second hand parts: Uprated shocks/dampers - Coilovers or Standard type (already have Spax springs for standard set up). Strut mount brace for front and rear. Adjustable panhard rod. Sump guard...
  18. Sharman


    Hi I am thinking of buying some Gaz adjustable front coilovers shocks and some one is selling a full set of Spax 35mm lowered springs, so just wondered if they are just for std struts or will they fit both std and coilovers? Thanks Peter
  19. Sharman

    Rally Parts

    I am trying to prepare a Rallyfirst 1.0lt Nissan Micra K11 for my son. I used to race a Mk2 1700 escort and thought this would be a cheaper option for my son. I was amazed to find out how much more the parts are for the Micra and how little choice there is, especially in reasonable priced Rally...