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    Steering Noise 2006 K12

    Grinding noise has developed when swinging steering to right only, even when car stopped. Have checked track rod ball joints inners and outers and even steering rack bolts without finding source. Noise only occurs at beginning of swing. Could be rack itself but hope not. Any ideas ?
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    Blower Motor not working

    Blower motor suddenly stopped working on all 4 switch positions. Thanks to thread by "Les" Oct 2012 eventually found bad connection at 4 Wire electrical connector on motor resistor behind glove compartment. This has to be pressed really tightly until "click" is heard to engage pins. Most threads...
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    Brakes Snatching

    Problem with brakes too harsh with only slight pressure on pedal. Examined front disc pads which seemed to have a good degree of wear left and calipers moving freely. Rear drums also seemed normal and cleaned dust out. Problem continued but eventually cured by fitting new front disc pads. I was...