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  1. dmaster

    Couple of issues

    My main issue is now that I've taken the airbag off and put an aftermarket steering wheel on the horns are on constantly, anyone know how to solve this? also the interior light stops working occasionally any ideas what could be causing this? thanks in advance dan
  2. dmaster

    Help: Rear strut brace issues

    Hi everyone, I've fitted a NodSpeed Rear Strut Brace according to the fitting instructions but for some reason the off-side is slightly loose. I've done it up as tight as i can but its still loose.
  3. dmaster

    Megan the 1.3 Equation

    Hi everyone, I've recently bought my second Micra and decided to modify it. I didn't make a thread for my old Micra but I've decided to make one for this one. I haven't done anything to her yet but i will be doing stuff soon. Here she is:
  4. dmaster

    Spoiler :D

    was just wondering what people think to my custom spoiler and can anyone guess what car it was designed for?
  5. dmaster

    New Sticker :D

    My new sticker has finally arrived :)
  6. dmaster

    engin blown :O

    on monday afternoon my engine went bang and cut out :glare: on closer inspection there was a hole in the block by the 4th piston :down: so i had to be towed to the garage where my dad works then i found out a friend of a friend was selling an engine and gearbox for £50 so i bought it...
  7. dmaster

    Door mirrors

    anyone got non standard ones they want to sell?
  8. dmaster

    Lowering Springs

    are lowering springs hard to fit to k11?
  9. dmaster


    i have fitted a spoiler of a mk1 punto and i think it looks pretty good
  10. dmaster

    K11 1.0L Cylinder Heads

    What cylinder heads fit the CG10DE?
  11. dmaster

    0-60 time

    is 10.5 for a stock 1L completly wrong?