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  1. K10Daz

    Stolen - Clio 172

    Stolen ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- ***************** smashed in through our conservatory, grabbed the keys plus some cash from upstairs, then left. Camcorder, camera, Xbox, new 6.1 amp all still here - so was either stolen to order or...
  2. K10Daz

    08 Scottish Meet

    I know i no longer have a micra but id still be up for attending a meet. So lets get one organised for the new year. Names on a postcard to the usual address..... Daz
  3. K10Daz

    **FREE**Wheels and Suspension**FREE**

    Clearing out the garage and iv found 1K11 wheel and 2K10 Wheels, one of the k10 wheels has good tread the others are almost illegal. Also have standard K11 Springs and Dampers, these were taken off my K11 when i was lowering it. Im not wanting anything for these. Pick up preferred (central...
  4. K10Daz

    here it is!!

    Well here is the French Smoker! Daz
  5. K10Daz

    Private plate question!

    There is a plate going on Ebay that im desperate for! Its on a Punto, which comes with the auction. It has no MOT tho... My question, Does the punto need to have tax and MOT for the transfer of the plate? Daz
  6. K10Daz

    Airbag light!

    Getting rid of the K11 so i need to put my standard wheel an airbag back on, Will the light go out or will i need to take it to get the light reset or is there a way to do it myself? Daz :alien:
  7. K10Daz

    My K11 is going, Parts Available

    Trading in my K11 next week so few bits are up for sale: Bucket seats WITH seat frames : £300 mark - these have only been in the car a month! Front Strut Brace : £20 Tacho Meter: £20 Custom made Cherry bomb back box: £30 Steering Wheel and boss Kit :£40 The car has been lowered 35mm...
  8. K10Daz

    Spotted K11 on website

    Dont know if the guy is a member here, but he made quite a cool Casemod, and i found this pic Saw the skirts, so looked about on his site and found this Click Me Daz
  9. K10Daz

    Seats are in!!

    Well finally got my thinking cap on and put in my seats! Daz
  10. K10Daz

    Which Welder?

    Im looking to get a welder to do basic stuff like; exhausts, sills, box section etc. Not looking to spend too much on it as im still learning just now. Was wondering which type would be the best suited. Where to buy etc etc. Cheers. Daz :alien:
  11. K10Daz

    Fitted: Fog lights.

    Well iv had these done for a while now, just washed the car so i thought id take some pics and upload em!
  12. K10Daz

    Fitted: Fog lights.

    double post - please delete
  13. K10Daz

    Has it returned to Ebay?

    Badboy K11 Is this the old one that was flyin around with the turbo?
  14. K10Daz

    Cheap K10

    160074086625 Was thinking about it myself if it didnt need sills!
  15. K10Daz

    Cat Removal....Results!!!!

    Well i have had my CAT out for a while now, the exhaust has a far better sound to it, the car runs better and its just exactly the same on fuel - around 36MPG... However i was wondering the legallity of this - as far as im made to believe it is NOT illegal to remove the CAT, but for it to fail...
  16. K10Daz

    MSN Live Search

    Messing around with the update of msn live!
  17. K10Daz

    Knockhill Scottish Stand Pics (56kWarning)

    Well thanks to all who turned up, unfortunately Fraz couldn't be with us coz he wasnt feeling well, and Scott's car is in a poor state after a nasty encounter with an MoT tester! Great day out, was good to see everyone, and meet new people! Decent weather - although was typical of Knockhill...
  18. K10Daz

    Which alarm?

    Looking to get an alarm! One which is insurance approved, has remote central locking feature. A decent reputation and any cool features :) Daz
  19. K10Daz

    Wind Deflector Fitting Kit

    Well i need help, I bought wind deflectors from Sonic, but one of the clips are missing. Partsman at my work foned nissan parts, they dont do the kits seperate, If anyone has any of the clips lying spare or find some lying around give me a shout please!! Daz
  20. K10Daz

    K11 Kits

    Click Me Some not too bad touches, not overthe top, thinkin bout getting yellow wheels and pink paint too!!! Daz :alien: