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    K11 throttle body

    Selling for a pal :) Standard throttle body, complete with all sensors, good condition. He's looking for £20 plus postage Cheers
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    Hey guys, just wondering, will a tailgate from a 1998 k11 fit my 1995 one? cheers
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    Roof rack

    Don't get paid till the 15th, but thought i'd get this up just now and see if anyone on here actually has one. I'm looking for a roof rack to fit the micra(k11 3 door pre facelift) As long as all the fixings are there and it's solid i'm not too worried about the condition as it'll be getting...
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    Racing beat roll/show bar Scotland

    As title really, got a Racing Beat roll/show bar for the Mx5. Don't really know what it's worth... Still got the original stickers on it, few nicks in the cover, but this could be repaired, or removed and have the bar polished/painted/powder coated etc etc..... Genuine part...
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    Brake upgrades

    Hey guys, Now yes, i have searched the forums, and read the threads i could find on it, but i didn't seem to get a straight answer from any of them, as it seemed some people had different answers, so my question is, if i was to upgrade to 100nx brakes, would they fit under 13" mini lites? I...
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    1300 engine

    Looking for a dizzy type 1300 engine, lower miles would be better. Must be in Scotland, unless you would be willing to post it here :) Cheers
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    Plastic primer

    Hai guys. I'm looking for a recommendation. I need a good plastic primer, can't be halfords as i've heard theirs will react when i paint it with non halfords paint, so don't want to risk it even if it's a rumor. So does anyone have any experience of a good one? Can't seem to pick up cheap...
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    Spray paint

    Right, does anyone know any good suppliers for spray paint? Needs to be a decent quality, but less than £7.99 for a 300ml can. Also has to be matt colours. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
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    Just wondering if anyone has any plans for a Scottish meet later in the year? I'm from livingston so not far from Edinburgh if anyone wanted to have a meet? Maybe get something regular on the go? Keyring
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    Passenger side front wing

    As title, need one asap really, located just outside of Edinburgh. For a 1995 prefacelift. Any colour as car is getting resprayed in the next few weeks. Cheers,
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    Adjustable panhard rod

    As above:grinning: Plan to go low with the Micra this weekend, so suppose i better get on the look out for one, who has one? Would be prefer used since the car is on a budget, but must be fully working :) Cheers, K
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    Second car/daily fun

    Should of put this up a while ago, had it a 2-3months now. Went out to get a second car since the Imp won't be ready till next year, and i'm sick of public transport for getting to college. So i went out and got myself this, had 36k on it and 11months MOT So here it is...
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    CG13 engine and passenger front wing pre-facelift

    As title really, looking for a CG13 to put into my 1ltr(pre-facelift-dizzy) and a passengers front wing, in white if possible, but would take another colour if the price was right :) Just outside Edinburgh Cheers, Ciaran
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    K11 Decat pipe

    As above really:grinning: Cheers,
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    Chav-tastic bits and bobs

    HAI guys! Looking for chavvy bits and pieces i can fit to the micra to dress it up for a Hallowe'en cruise! (I plan on going with the generic Burberry gear, high pitched voice, and of course the bragging rights that i just flew past a 1ltr corsa with an 80 year old behind the wheel, that...
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    Hey guys :) Thought i'd sign up here since all the information i need for the micra seems to be on here haha. I'm 17, passed my test 2 weeks ago. I have a 1971 Hillman Imp, which i got last October which i planned to have as my first car, but due to the welder ####ing me over, that's not...