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    Will these fit? (wheels)

    Hi all, I just picked up a set of wheels from a Renault but not sure they will fit my k11. They are tsw 15" alloys. They have written/stamped on rear 15 x 61/2jj which means nothing to me all I thought we used on micras were 100x something. They were dirt cheap so no great loss if they won't...
  2. J

    What other wheels?

    What other wheels from any other car will fit straight on to a 1.0 micra? without any centres being rebored? I would like some standard ally wheels but they seem to be quite hard to find around here (Cardiff).
  3. J

    What obd plug do you use?

    Hi all, can I ask what plug you use on the obd as I cannot seem to get one to fit?
  4. J

    Spark plug seals

    Anyone know the best place to order replacement spark plug rubber seals (for the rocker cover) as they seem to be very expensive from Nissan main dealers?
  5. J

    Battery or starter?

    Hi all. Just wanted to ask, when started first thing in the morning the starter motor sounds like it is struggling to turn the motor over, but it will start as normal the rest of the day? I have checked the battery first thing in the morning and it is showing 12volts. Anybody else had this before?
  6. J

    Carbon cannister

    Is this cannister replaceable or cleanable? My car is 17 yo so it must be dirty?
  7. J

    Oil mist?

    On cleaning the engine area on my k11 I have noticed that everything form the injectors down the rear of the engine has a oil mist on it? Anybody got the same thing? Is it a common fault? and is there a cure/thing to check? like rocker gasket?
  8. J

    Fuel filter change, Thank you forum!

    Hi all, I wanted to change the fuel filter on my k11 2002 and proceeded to open my Haynes manual. The manual seems to go the long way around to do this? I then checked on this site and found out it is so easy. I removed the fuse for the fuel pump then started it up (it soon stopped) then undid...
  9. J

    New Wing

    Hi all I am about to install a new wing on my k11 and was wondering what people use on the inside of the wing to seal against rust?
  10. J

    Where to fit reversing sensors?

    Hi all! I wish to install reversing sensors on my k11 2002 and was wondering where to position them? anybody got any tips. I presume I will either have to avoid the reinforcer behind the bumper or drill through it? Your answers are greatly appreciate.
  11. J

    Engine oil leak?

    Hi all, I appear too have an engine oil leak but cannot really pinpoint where it is leaking. The one place I have noticed is at the back of the rocker cover on the left hand side is a breather pipe and the grommet that connects it is rather loose. Are there any usual leaky parts on this 1.0 engine?
  12. J

    Door swap

    Hi, new to this forum. I have a 2002 k11 which needs a new drivers door. Will the door from a 2000 car fit? Also the 2000 car door has a rubber strip on it. Are the just glued on or are they fixed on via holes in the door. also is the strip in a recess? I thank you in advance for your help in...