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    Turning over/cranking issue

    Hi all, past week my k11 (1.0GX) has had trouble starting but only sometimes randomly. When you go to start it,sometimes when it's cranking, it's cranking really slow before it starts,always starts though but today,it was so slow that the central locking flickered and dash lights too BUT, it...
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    Loss of power

    Went to start car this morning, turned key, dash lights all lit up as normal. Turned to final turn to start engine and all power Went, dash lights all off instantly. Tried another 2 times and same happened. Decided to try and turn key to just before finally turn and let the fuel pump prime up...
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    gear change trouble when engine at temp

    I have had this for a month or so now,... on cold start and running before engine gets up to temp, my gear changing is fine,no trouble at all BUT, once my engine is up and running at temp, it becomes hard to get into any gear, i really have to push it hard to get it in to gear,its as though the...
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    Central locking actuator fault

    My car has just got the central locking actuator fault,where it likes to lock instantly after unlocking OR just randomly locks,unlocks the doors whilst driving etc..... I have my m.o.t in a week,would it fail on it?, i have ordered another to replace the faulty one causing the problems but it...
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    New tb fitted

    Fitted new tb but now when started,just dies,why?
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    Obd1 reader

    Hi ppl,whats a good,cheap, bluetooth obd1 reader i can get for my 98 k11?
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    Throttle sensors?

    Right,didnt use my car at weekend so come monday morning,wouldnt start!, i did expect it though as was foggy and damp all weekend.tried the fuel pump fuse trick but didnt work,so left car at home......came home after work monday morning,weather was lovely and dry,she started straight away BUT...
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    K11 heater

    I have a 98 k11 and my mum has a 2001,both our cars will only put heat out,from the heater,to the footwell. Is this how its designed to work or do we both have problems with our heaters?
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    window regulator glass clips

    I have just bought a k11 and the drivers window doesnt go down, bloke I bought it from said it had broke but motor was ok etc. Have had a look and I need a new regulator really,the one in it is all bent and one glass window clip has broke, one is ok though. Does anyone now where I can get...