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  1. trike micra

    Gearbox ecu pin outs?

    I have 1 last warning light to sort out, the gearbox warning light ( 1.3 withNCVT). I don’t have any of the original dashboard wiring as far as I can make out so would have to think I would be taking it off the ECU directly, or just down the line from it.
  2. trike micra

    The mighty Micra Trike automatic is having a test run soon.

    After more hours and money than I wanted to spend on it the automatic conversion of my Trike is nearly complete. The original K11 1.0 engine was packed off to do some racing somewhere and the low mileage 1.3 automatic has been fitted. This is along with a complete front end rebuild to allow 2 to...
  3. trike micra

    Scrapping an auto k11.

    I am taking the engine and gearbox out of a 97 k11 micra in the next couple of weeks, will be sending the manual engine and gearbox (1L) to the breakers wither the rest of the car. If anyone wants all or any of it feel free to let me know, just want it to go to good use if it can and maybe...