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  1. stevenbmkiv

    Rear bench seat covers

    Hi all, Where can I buy a set of seat covers for the front and rear that has a rear backrest cover without holes for any headrests. Most of the sets I can see come with headrest covers so I assume the cover for the backrest part of the rear seats has holes in it for headrests. I don't just want...
  2. stevenbmkiv

    Just joined

    Hi all. I am Steve and live near Leighton Buzzard, Beds. On my 2nd K11 Micra now. Wife has one too. Used to be on here a while back but that was quite a few years back now. Had loads of cars in my life and my Nissan ownership has consisted of a '93 K11 1.3, a '95 Primera eGT, another '99...