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  1. EvanK11

    Cam Lift Questions

    Does anyone have cg10 and cg13 cam lift measurements? cheers
  2. EvanK11


    Has any seen or got the mulholland arches? imo the nicest arches:cool:
  3. EvanK11

    Door trims?

    Hi guys, My passenger doors has got a big key mark and a hefty dent in it, don't fancy getting the filler out so i've been looking at new doors. I keep finding doors which have trim along the whole side, my doors don't have any trim and was wondering if i bought one with trim and i took the...
  4. EvanK11

    Wheel Sizes?

  5. EvanK11

    Suspension Advice?

    I know there is a massive thread on how to lower a micra, I'm looking at coilovers as i want to have the adjustment and go low;) I got recommended Fury AutoWorx a couple of weeks ago but still haven't decided, they're currently £480.00, anyone got them or know anything about them? Thanks Evan