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  1. slimothy

    1995 k11 Super S

    NOW SOLD: My 1995 Super S. This car has been a labour of love for the last 15 months- saved from scrap yard condition, and no expense spared in fixing him up. For more in depth pictures, see my album (public); Just over 86k on the clock, two keys, remote central locking. Some history (all...
  2. slimothy

    Clutch cable help and fuel pump relay help needed!

    Hi guys, Clutch is quite stiff to operate- but doesn't slip or crunch, just kinda heavy on the pedal end... Anyone think replacing the cable might sort this? Also, would anyone be able to take the kick plate off and take a picture of their fuel pump relay for me- specifically the wire colours...
  3. slimothy

    Help! Immobiliser wiring mess!

    at some point a previous owner has had a fob style immobiliser fitted, and the previous owner has disconnected it... I'm looking to remove it completely (for the sake of neatness- it's not currently functional anyway), but not 100% sure on the wiring. Here's a little vid to show what I've got...
  4. slimothy

    15" Konig Rewind Alloys with tyres

    Konig Rewind 15x7 et20 (currently retail for £600 new), with spigot rings and Yokohama Parada Spec 2 tyres in a 195/50/15 with 5mm tread all round (currently retail at £180 a set), used for just over 12 months. £550 or nearest offer- px on your wheels/tyres considered
  5. slimothy

    Lower crossmember- do you "need" to weld it?

    Thinking of doing my lower crossmember myself, but I've no welding gear (or welding skill for that matter). Got a replacement crossmember, and read the guide on replacing (albeit that the pics have all dissappeared from that guide), but what I really want to know is- do I absolutely have to...
  6. slimothy

    BSR coilovers & k11 facelift stuff- CHEAP!!!

    Hi guys- got a facelift k11 I'm breaking for spares, so below is a list of everything I can think of that people might want- but at the moment I have the full car, so if there's something specific you need and it's not listed, message me and if I can help I will. All prices are excluding p&p-...
  7. slimothy

    Alto spring / Corsa shocks issue - possible panhard rod issue?

    I've fitted alto springs and Corsa shocks to the rear of my super s, and a Nodspeed panhard rod to sort out the axle alignment and I'm having a couple of issues. I'm running 15x7 et20 konig rewinds, on a 195/50 tyre - and I'm getting scrubbing on the rear arches, which I assumed was down to the...
  8. slimothy

    Weird indicators issue... Help!!!!

    I've got a weird issue with my 95 super s... Background: Replaced the fog lamp bulbs with smd/led ones, and the same with the sidelights. Took the headlights out to paint the inners- all went well.. Replaced the indicator bulbs while headlights were out with smd/led bulbs. All working fine...
  9. slimothy

    Slimothy's K11 Super S

    Some of you might remember my super s which was sold to scouseboy, and these days owner by plum Well, after owning Oscar, I moved on to a fabia vrs- which I hated And then returned to the micra fold with a k12 160sr that I called Nigel Last December I changed to an mx5 called Melvin- but...
  10. slimothy

    130k 1998 k11- should I be concerned?

    Thinking of buying another k11 and getting rid of my mx5- seen one that appears to tick all the boxes, but should I be put off by 130k? Bearing in mind I'm going to drive it quite hard- and maybe concider turboing at some point, will the engine stand up to it?
  11. slimothy

    Dig-S modifications and dumpvalve

    Has anyone got a definitive answer on if a dumpvalve can be fitted to a dig-s? I know the charger has a bypass valve rather than recirc so in my mind it sounds doable but I really don't know enough about it. Also just wondering if anyone has gotten round to modding them in general yet?
  12. slimothy

    160sr / c+c centre exhaust section

    Anyone know if the centre exhaust on the 1.6 k12's are the same as 1.2/ 1.4? Anyone know the part number?
  13. slimothy

    160sr induction kit- fitted!

    Yet finished fitting a pipercross viper to my 160sr, and I'm pleased to report that the noise is epic, and it pulls like a train! Very noticeable! Only problem so far is that the idle is quite lumpy, which I'm currently attributing to the fact that I've used a rocker breather filter instead of...
  14. slimothy

    k12 160sr parts / upgrades!!!!

    I have: A full set of 160sr seats including airbags (never deployed) in excellent condition £100 1 set of 4 genuine nissan wheel arch extensions £30----- SOLD!!! 2x 6 disc cd changer units, in full working order complete with radio code & dash surround £100 each 1x standard 160SR backbox -...
  15. slimothy

    K12 interior light wiring - footwell lights

    Hey guys, Does anyone know (or if you have a Haynes manual hand and could look it up?) which wires from the interior light do what? Ideally I need to know which wire is the earth and which will supply a live when I unlock the car Cheers in advance
  16. slimothy

    K12 160sr Changing alloy wheels

    Having utilised the search function, and come up with nothing definative I thought I'd get a new thread going. I have an 06 plate 160SR - and from what I've read they come with 16x6 wheels that have an offset of 55 and a centre bore of 60.1 I tried on a set of my mate's alloys two days...
  17. slimothy

    I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

    Well - having left Micra ownership, and passing my beloved Super S on to a fellow MSC member I went over to the skoda camp - a fabia VRs..... ....all issues aside (including nearly £500 worth of faults in 10 weeks on the damn thing), I plain and simple didn't enjoy the car :-( So I've...
  18. slimothy

    [SOLD] Wolfrace Kendo Alloys, Pipercross induction kit, Haynes Manual, Arches, Momo wheel...

    Well I'm sorry to say my beloved micra has been sold on now - and lucky for you guys I have some micra related goodies left to sell! All my items are listed on ebay - but I would prefer these things to go to an MSC member; SOLD- Wolfrace Kendo...
  19. slimothy

    Guageing interest - potential Super S / aftermarket parts for sale

    Hi Guys - unfortunately the time has come after 2 and a half years of joyful ownership, to say goodbye to my Super S "oscar". He's been a great little car, but a Fabia Vrs has come my way at a price I can't refuse - and due to changes in my job the diesel will be more economical for me...
  20. slimothy

    Adjusting idle speed and gear linkage rattle...

    Hi Guys, I've been searching for a really useful guide someone did a while back on adjusting the idle speed - I know where the hex screw is but I seem to remember having to unplug something and mess about starting the engine or something? Can anyone shed any light on this? Also, my gear...