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  1. Pritchard

    Cg13de will not idol

    My little micra been working fine till today but just cuts out if I don't keep the revs high Any ideas?
  2. Pritchard

    K11 cupholder door cards

    I believe these are from a very late facelift 3 door model. But I'm sure I have seen the same door cards in a 5 door my question is will the 5 door cards fit my 5 door 1996 pre facelift without cupholders Has anyone done this yet?
  3. Pritchard

    Need more POWER!!!

    Sick off my 1.3slx feeling like a Ford model T. Fancy a 1.6 or 1.8 dropped in it....... is there any engine that fits in easy-ish with not too many complications?
  4. Pritchard

    Dash lights, do I have a light out?

    I'm guessing it's not normal right, if so can I stick some LED bulbs in to replace?
  5. Pritchard

    Does facelift front bumper with fogs fit earlier 1996 model?

    Looking to replace my front bumper without fogs to the facelift front bumper with fogs and Was just wondering if it's a straightforward fit?