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  1. sr_steve

    1.4 sport

    well ive returned again, 8th micra now :). Its a 1.4 sport, 51 plate, 85000, full mot 6 month tax, one owner from new. ill be picking up on wed so will get pics up then
  2. sr_steve

    F/S: sr alloys with tyres 85 posted anywhere uk

    Item: sr alloys with tyres 85 posted anywhere uk Location: newcastle Condition: good Reason for selling: not required Price: 85 13" Sr alloys in reasonable condition could do with a sand and paint although I havnt cleaned them some might just be dirt. 3 tyres good one tyre legal 85...
  3. sr_steve

    F/S: starmags with tyres £180 or £195 deluverd anywhere in uk

    Item: starmags with tyres £180 or £195 deluverd anywhere in uk Location: newcastle Condition: good Reason for selling: change of style Price: 180 12" starmags with good falken tyres on 165/60/r12 IIRC. One wheel is brand new the others are in good condition all with centre caps. Can...
  4. sr_steve

    micra bumper length

    Could someone please measure the length of micra front bumper need to know if it's within 150cm
  5. sr_steve

    F/S: march boot, coilovers, 421 decat sportex backbox

    Item: march boot, coilovers, 421 decat sportex backbox Location: newcastle Condition: good Reason for selling: Price: 1 March boot in silver with lights few dints £65 delivered Polo coilovers £75 delivered sold jay 421 manifold decay adapter then pipe to sported backbox 3" £150 prov...
  6. sr_steve

    F/S: breaking sr micra

    Item: breaking sr micra Location: newcastle Condition: good Reason for selling: Price: 1 alloys with tyres. not sure on condition of tyres. £40.00 pop out windows £15.00 wrap around spoiler £25.00 sr clocks sold shamalam £17.00 steering wheel and boss £30.00 basically new wing £15.00...
  7. sr_steve

    veronica the micra s

    as some of yous may know i sold my micra sport earlier this week for a good price as i had done everything i wanted to do to it. money in hand i starting thinking of what to get next, little did i know that in the next half an hour i would be driving a nissan micra s 1.4 2000 with 89000 miles, 5...
  8. sr_steve

    1.0l coilpack losing power and trying to stall

    Car: micra s k11 2000 1.0l coilpack: Basically bought the car yesterday, test drove fine, drove back fine until I got to my street, went over speed bump then went to accelerate in 2nd and it started to die, lose power and trying to stall. It also did stall a couple of times. Every time I revved...
  9. sr_steve

    march tailgate

    Will a imported march tailgate fit a uk k11. Need to know by tonight thanks
  10. sr_steve

    sunday 16th december

    lets have a christmas meet. suggest location for the date above sr_steve camoxodka
  11. sr_steve

    gear knob thread size?

    Basically........ Hi, Thanks for payment. You have bought a pool ball made to your specifications. Please supply me with the details of the thread you require and hole depth, and I will get it made for you. Please note that I need to know: Thread diameter EG: 10mm. Thread pitch (Or TPI for...
  12. sr_steve

    polo 6n coilovers

    I have a full set of polo coilovers and am wondering if the front ones will fit. I know the backs will and I fully intend on putting them on. I'm just wondering about the front. If and how it can be done
  13. sr_steve

    Black 1.3 sr

    hi, im making this project thread for my mate. camoxodka. he is at uni atm so he hasnt really got the time to make one. anyway he has a 1.3 sr nissan micra in black which he is in the middle of modding trying to get it ready for jae 2012 to come with me :) spec: 1.3 sr black lowered blue 13's...
  14. sr_steve

    south shields 26th november 12oclock

    Come on then let's have a meet this Sunday :) list names
  15. sr_steve


    In the middle of fitting my quickshift but I'm a bit loat. Does anyone know what to do?
  16. sr_steve

    do you clean car at jae?

    Basically um driving to jae from Newcastle, 200 mile. And I can guarantee the cars going to be no where near as clean as when I left. Undecided what to do. Do I...... 1. Stop at a near by petrol station and give it quick clean before I arrive 2. Hive it a wipe and polish once parked up? What...
  17. sr_steve

    130 bhp?

    Is it possible to squeeze 130 PHP out of a k11 1.4 sport+ engine. If so what mods are recommended
  18. sr_steve

    slippy tyres

    Basically on a motorway at 70 my tyres feel greased and slippy as if I'm on ice and I'm wondering why. I have brand new fallen tyres 12". Last time I looked I'm sure falkens were a decent tyre. Any solutions ?
  19. sr_steve

    North East august 27 bank holiday meet

    trying to get a meet going for the 27th of august bank holiday. location = southshields? if your up for it copy and paste and add your name then we will sort out times and that when more names are down. sr_steve belly93
  20. sr_steve

    micra sport+ 1.4

    hi im on to my 4th micra now, i found out my mate was wanting to sell his car quick for 300 pound and nocked him down to 280, so i advertised mine for 400 and got 350 within a few hours so went straight to his to get my new car. about the car mot untill feb 6 month tax 96000 miles lowered...