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  1. Scott.c

    Anti roll bar clearance?!

    When I had my car on the ramp the other day I noticed the anti roll bar is very close to the shell. Anybody else have the same? Could be the cause of the knocking noise. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Scott.c

    Exhaust swaps?

    Getting bored of the cherry bomb, anybody got a after market exhaust they wanna swap? It's all ready to fit a Micra! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Scott.c

    WTD: engine parts

    1.3 pistons and conrods or 1l pistons and conrods.
  4. Scott.c

    Clutch advise please

    Some of you may know I'm building a high comp engine but keeping the 1l gearbox. I've read around and people say the 1l clutch starts to slip around 100bhp+. I'm hoping to get over that figure so what can I do about the clutch because that seems like the weak link atm. Are there any upgrades for...
  5. Scott.c

    Cribbs causeway 25th August

    Anyone going?
  6. Scott.c

    Janspeed manifold

    I know its a long shot but anyone got a janspeed exhaust manifold for sale?
  7. Scott.c

    Exhaust center sections

    I remember reading somewhere that if you have a preface micra and you fit a facelift exhaust center section it decats it. Is that true and is it a direct fit?
  8. Scott.c

    Engine parts

    CG13 or CGA3 crank and rods and CG13 cams or complete CGA3 or CG13 engine
  9. Scott.c

    Red GX 'Betty'

    Hello fellow micra lovers, this is my red gx 1l that i bought back in April 2012. I bought her for £480 with 120k miles on the clock. I thought its about time i started a blog so here it goes :). The day i got her: She is a real nice clean car! Few dings here an there but its what to...
  10. Scott.c

    Fixed my fog lamp :)

    Noticed my the reflective bit in my fog had gone funny and peeled away :( So i went and bought some chrome paint... Ended up looking like this. Very happy with the result :D Just thought i would share this.
  11. Scott.c

    What is this?

    Anybody know what this is? Spotted it down my road the other day and thought i looked sweet! Sorry about poor pic quality :(.
  12. Scott.c

    JDM Shoes!!

    Pretty cool if you ask me! Wouldn't mind a pair.