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  1. insane micra!

    help!!! foglamp woes!!! :-(

    Hi all, my k10's rear foglamp just will not work, tried everything, bulb, fuses, checking relays, earths etc all to no avail. Anyone know how i can get the damn light working again as it's failed the MOT on it ya see! There is no power to the foglamp switch and the switch does not light up...
  2. insane micra!

    wanted, k10 race exhaust system

    want a decent back section for my k10, has anybody got one, can anyone help. will pay good cash price for right system. email me on here or txt me 07854637551 cheers
  3. insane micra!

    freeflow exhaust for k10

    wanted, good freeflow power system and manifold, or maybe just a power back section for my k10 . cash waiting for good item, message me here or call/text me on 07854637551, cheers