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    WTD: Few K11 parts needed (BOLNEY ATTENDEES PLEASE CHK)

    Ok well i should be attending the Bolney meet this saturday and my friend who bought my K11 should be coming with me. Basically i just wanted to check if anyone coming has any spare parts which he needs. He needs:- Front drivers and passengers door cards, Super S spoiler (some muppet...
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    [FOR SALE] 1995 'M' Ford Fiesta Si 1.6i

    Just posting this on behalf of a friend (If interested give him a bell on 07855488838)
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    My New Car, BLack and Beautiful NX

    Hello, I just thought id show you my new 'er' car, as some of you know i got my hands on an S13 earlier in the year, what i didn't realise when i bought it was that the turbo was knackered as was were the lifters, anyways i moved on to a Nissan 100nx and as i now have some pics of car (from...
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    Audio Equipment for Sale

    Advertising on behalf of a freind, please let me know of interest and ill pass it on :upside: Kenwood KAC-649S Amplifier ... £70 Click here for spec Kenwood KFC-W2505 10" Sub in sealed box... £55 Click here for spec Kenwood KFC-6907 6x9' 3way 200 watt speakers...£20 All above...
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    17" Alloy Wheels, Konig E-Racer's

    About 3/4 weeks ago i bought a brand new set of Konig E-Racers on Toyo Proxes. I paid nearly £800 for this setup, but have changed my mind and now want to go for something smaller. These are very light and look ace. These are also ultra rare. Im asking £600ono Here is Konigs picture...
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    Nissan 200sx S13 For Sale

    I have been made redundant and i can't afford to keep her at the moment, Im only 19 and insurance is stupid to say the least, id love to keep the car but in my current situation just going to get myself in an unwanted debt. Just imagine how gutted i am, ive only owned the bleeding thing a...
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    Nice selection of pics

    Nice selection of pics from a trackday/show, see here
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    QUAD exhaust for Sale

    I still have the Quad exhaust for sale if anyones interested closest offer to £200 :o I can send pics via mob or upload some here if needs be
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    94'L Super S For Sale

    For sale again at reduced price of £1000 or closest offers. 94'L 1.3 Super S (k11) 94,000 Miles As new 14" Fox Racing alloy wheels Tints Lowered on spax springs and gas shocks on rear Selling complete with induction kit and strut brace Bodywork is in very good condition as...
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    1994 K11 Super S For Sale

    Nissan Micra 1.3 Super S 1994 'L I purchased the car 14 months ago with 83000 miles, it now has 94000 miles. It has not once failed to start and has never broken down, no problems with it what so ever, it cruised through last MOT, i have yet to have it MOT'd this year but will do before...
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    MMMMM New skyline :love:
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    My New Car

    Picked it up on saturday, :love: i will take some of my own pics at the end of the week, fitted my ICE and black leather interior yesterday, looks very smart*slim*
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    Exhaust, Clutch + Wheels

    I have left:- Powerflow Quad Exhaust with powerflow midsection... £offers+P&p Excedy Triple plate paddle clutch and accompanying Flywheel... £70 Set of 14" Fox 5 spoke alloys, brand new tyres, wheels are brand new, slight scratch on due to where its been sat in garage for 12...
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    Super S for Sale

    Yes i am thinking of moving on from the micra and just wanted to scope interest of what people are willing to buy. 15" Lenso RS5 in gunmetal grey with semi decent tyres (£350- only 8mths old but one has scuffed rim) Clear rear clusters (£80) Clear side repeaters (£10) Powerflow...