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    Gladiators 2008

    My bro has been to the auditions to be a contender this month. . . . . . . And he's through!!!! 8 1/2 stone againts 18+ stone Gladiators!!!!!!!!!

    My new Bruce Lee site

    Well its a site for Bruce Lee figures, not about him!! Let me know what you think!

    My poor sills!

    Not driven my car for a while so didnt really notice the sills until this morning!!! Is its a big job to replace? Any recommendations?

    EVO Mag and Micra

    EVO (The best car mag you can buy!) has a new long termer. Its a Micra!!! Its not any old Micra tho, it reg is M19 CRA Yes its that micra!! > Nissan has ran out of uses for it so they gave the Micra to the evo...

    Some games and womens Asics trainers for sale! (My ebay!)

    Just a quick ebay link if anyone is interested!

    Selling my K10 1.0 Super

    Selling my K10 1.0 Super MOT till Jan 08 Tax till end of September 07 Approx 65500mls Looking for £300 Just serviced and has had a new clutch, flywheel and thermostat fitted. Engine runs fine, has never let me down! Sits on some nice Nissan 14inch alloys with decent tread left on the...

    1.4SE+ fuel consumption

    My brother has a nice 2000 year 1.4SE+ BUT it really drinks fuel, I used it for one night and drove about 40 odd miles and the needle just droped!!! It has been serviced etc and looked after. He is so peeved off he's thinking of selling it. I would like him to keep it so do any of you...

    Temp prob - Help!!

    On my K10, just noticed that my temp gauge is contantly on C when I am driving but does rise a bit when I am not moving. Is this normal as it used to be on half way. The fan does kick in as I kept the engine running when I stopped. Is there some sort of problem?? Thanks in advance!!

    Petrol for my 1.3 si

    I have been using Total Excellium for a while now on my si, Thinking of changing to BP ultimate Can I use BP Ultimate on my 1.3?? I only use the car once or twice a week. Any difference for those who have used it? No mods on the engine, just standard

    Anyone have a PS3 on order?

    As title, just wondering! Spoke with someone at Game in Nottingham and the order book is approaching 280!!! Thats a lot of loot for one shop!!! I have had mine for a while (Jpn import) and at the moment use more for bluray than games, although Motorstorm and Ridge Racer is amazing in HD!!

    Bruce Lee

    May be a long shot for you guys but I have some Bruce lee figures for sale!

    Want to buy some NES games??

    Have a peeps at this eBay auction:eek:

    PS3 - 60GB Jap version with Ridge Racer

    I will have to hand a few PS3's next week £650 collected - Nottingham/Derby area I'm at work at the mo so will post some more info later. Wai Man

    Wanted! Bits for K10 1.0 Super

    I'm looking for front drivers side track rod end and also brake pads for my K10 1.0 Super If anyone can help, give us a shout! Thanks

    Clarion head unit & 6 disc changer

    Clarion AXZ613R head unit and Clarion DCZ628 6 disc changer Boxed and in excellent condition - a few light scratches on the head unit. Would prefer pick up - Derby/Nottingham area. Cash on collection £120.00 If more info needed, please ask!

    Mouse Mat for men!!

    I know this is a family forum but I'm sure this is OK for members!! Mods, If not, do what you got to do!! Got sent a pic from my supplier in Japan of a mouse mat she is getting from Korea!!

    Black Sony PSP for sale

    Black Sony PSP for sale - Ammendment!! I have a unboxed black Sony PSP for sale, Its one of the 1st units I imported from Japan when they came out. It works perfectly has never had any problems. No dead pixels Firmware 2.6 Region 2 UMDs only BUT can play any PSP game. So if you buy a...

    What is this????!!!

    I know! Do you?!! Its not a real Zonda and its based on a K10 - not really. Its based on a. . . . . . . . .???? Its not yet finished but looks good anyway!!

    FS - Oakleys for him and her!!!

    I have 2 pairs of Oakley Dartboards for sale (about 6 months old) Both in mint unscratched conditon with orginal box and papers and Oakley clean/cloth bag. Polished Black/Black Iridium (Mens) Honey/Bronze (women's) £60.00 each with RMRD £110.00 for both with RMRD Not open to offers as these...

    Another movie teaser!

    This is the one my son AND me can not wait for!!! Sorry wrong section - Mods please move!!!