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    K11 1.0 Micra Turbo - limits of internals

    Hi all, I am close to completing my K11 1.0 turbo project now, its been a long time coming! Using a CT9 off an old Glanza Starlet and have Eden at Gizfab sorting me a nice Manifold, got all the other bits too - FMIC, Mamba oil feed/return, water oil feed return, FPR from Matt Humphris.... All is...
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    K11 Alternator upgrade?

    Hi all, I have a few audio upgrades pushing some big RMS and have just added another sub - starting to need my headlights now its winter and theyre dimming far too much to even think about driving at night - 2 options: 1. I turn the music down 2. I upgrade my alternator Clearly, option 2...