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    The greatest driving road in the world!!!

    Something I have wanted to do since I saw the Top Gear boys do it is drive the greatest driving road in the world, the Stelvio Pass. I thought it would be a good idea to 'try' and arrange a club event where the Micra's rain down on Europe. Right now I am just wanting to get an idea of...
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    super quick oil answer required please.

    Hi guys, my oil light has come on so going to make a visit to Halfords. Need to know the best kind of oil for my 1 litre engine for this kind of weather. Any EBBdude style gains would also be very welcome ;)
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    Photoshop request for wheels please gurus.

    Any legends care to photo shop my wheels in various luminous colours? Thanks in advance.
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    My first winter video

    Made my first video using my action cam which i intend to strap to the front bumper of my car at some point. Anyway, this one is of me and a few others sledging and Ski-biking and is my first production so any pointers would be most welcome!
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    Cant unlock my boot, HELP please.

    At the weekend i installed a sub in my boot, very loud and highly recomended!!!! My boot worked fine up until the point when i turned my sub up rather loud and now i cant open it. Does anyone have any suggetions please?
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    Lots of March pics!

    I know i always like to see pics of various March's from Jap Land so here you go, i was a little bored.
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    what tyre size?

    the tyres i am running at the mo are 165/65/13 but there seems to be much more choice with the 180 or 185. will these still fit on my wheels, see my blog for the wheels i am running. thanks guys.
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    Rally cams

    Looking at getting me some rally cams and was wondering how easy they are to fit and also does anything else need to change or be updated when fitting?
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    lots of work to be done!!!

    so here is a list of things that need to be sorted: front pads, discs, break pipes both sides, rear shoes, rear right cylinder, back section of exhaust, i have been quoted 275-300, what do you all think bearing in mind there is no way i could do any of the work.
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    Brakes, help!!!!!!

    the handbreak light has come on on my dash and yesterday after the car had been sat at work i have lost breaking on the right hand side of the car. whats wrong and how much?
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    ebay march seems a bit much though.
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    my head unit wont fit :(

    fit my head unit but it wont fit in right, its all wonky like the gap is too big?
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    I need more power captain!!!

    Ok so heres the deal. I have a 1.0 and i am wanting to show people up at the lights, I could feasibly spend upto a grand and am open to all suggestions. Any ideas or better still examples, thanks guys!!!
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    FSE Power boost valve

    Are these any good for a 1.0l for the money £90 quid new. what kinda difference would i get?
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    Lowering spings and strut brace

    Anyone got some cheap springs and an upper strut brace, cheap (Y)
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    How much difference do lowering springs make??

    How much difference do lowering springs make?? My car rolls more than a roll of andrex, would a set of lowering springs, apex for example, stiffen it up as well as dropping it?
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    Dash bulb help

    what type of bulbs does the dash take, wanting to change to leds?
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    Shopping list?

    What do i need to buy? i have my 6 x 9s and i need to connect them to the plug below.
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    Scarlet Pimpernell

    Well, I bid for it, won it, picked it up and drove it home. I have since washed it and the long road of eco modding begins (Y) The one in the background is my mums. Think I will paint the callipers red? Halfords extreme brilliance bulbs fitted. Is this the lead for the rear...
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    Collection day tomorrow!!!

    In about 12 hours i will be on my way to collect my new car, after giving it a real good once, twice, thrice over first! Fingers crossed all will be well with it, not had that much luck with cars. No doubt a sleepless night is just around the corner!! Will be sure to update tomorrow lunch time...