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  1. A

    EPS codes

    I have a K12 with EPS codes C1606 ; EPS motor C1608 ; control unit Can anyone help with a diagnostic sequence for these codes. The steer does not work at all. Martin
  2. I

    Urgent help required!! Micra K12 EPS

    Hey, I'm just buying a replacement steering column/eps unit from BBA for the wifes 54plate K12, I've supplied the part number but BBA say they can't reference it. (i got the part number from the dealer) Now i'm being asked if i can supply the MME number from the control unit, Can i get...
  3. D

    EPS Power steering column, what ACTUALLY goes wrong?

    what ACTUALLY goes wrong on K12 columns? Very common fault it seems that these just pack in, even at low mileage, YOu can't fit a used one apparently even if you could find a working one, There are a couple of places who repair them, but at £250-£350. I'm fairly good at fixing things, tempted to...
  4. E

    K12 for my mum.. Any advice welcome!

    Quick hello to the gods of fault diagnosis. I'm looking at buying my mum a K12 (06-08) and i just want it to be good for her. I have looked at 1 Micra so far and we decided to walk away because it was a little bit tatty. Is there anything I should be checking when buying one of these? I hear...
  5. Vitus992

    Juddering under acceleration

    TMight this lot be worth a call?
  6. O

    EPS codes

    **********important************ if you ever replace eps on k12 you must disconnect battery before plugging new eps unit in or you will blow the dongle in the eps. Your steering will work but your key lamp will flash in red after a few miles, reason being you have blown the dongle. Fault code...
  7. P

    2006 K12 Micra Steering problems (and others)

    ...vehicle upon installation. As always DYOR research & the following link may help outlining the experiences other MSC members have had with K12 EPS problems? What progress have you made with your multiple electronic/electrical...
  8. J

    2006 K12 Micra Steering problems (and others)

    On February I traded in my 2007 Renault Megane saloon. I live on my own and wanted a smaller runabout that was cheap to insure and run. I have an auto licence and getting hold of a small auto is pretty difficult, especially when like me you're on a limited budget. The garage that I had bought...
  9. P

    K12 1.5 Diesel

    Search combinations of EPS, immobiliser, Nats with ref. to K12? The NATS immobiliser system is in every electronic datacoms component subassembly. Therefore they need calibrating coding or matching to each other when interchanging them in order that they can communicate with each other via the...
  10. J

    K12 (2004) Power Steering Fix

    Considering I've worked with the K12 EPS system for the last 7 years and know everything about the system (and I mean everything), I've got the advantage at the moment.
  11. frank

    Broke down now won't start, throttle problem?

    i would guess that k12 ecu,s have to be programmed to the car ? :o (EPS etc)
  12. H

    Steering Shaft Upper Bolt

    I found one as a demonstration see video link. Also, just looking at the photo that might be a retro-fitted system. TRW lost the contract for the K12 in 2010. There was a mass build of stock to support warranty but also the new OEM designed a retro-fit system that could replace the original...
  13. Guy

    Down "n" Out K10?

    Ace sticker :D. You might already have done it but if you needs turning into an .eps or whatever for plotting, I can do it for you :). If I ever get round to lowering my K12, I'll have to design a K12 one...
  14. P

    EPS Power steering column, what ACTUALLY goes wrong?

    Good to see another K12 saved from the EPS planned obsolescence economic write off syndrome. Many more, way to go? :)
  15. March Guy

    Hey, doing a project I want to know if i can use a K12 eps setup to install it onto a K10 i...

    Hey, doing a project I want to know if i can use a K12 eps setup to install it onto a K10 i noticed that the module got 2 heavy gauge wires and 3 light gauge wires So i want to know if i can make it work on the K10
  16. P

    EPS Power steering column, what ACTUALLY goes wrong?

    Good to see another K12 saved from the EPS pre-planned obsolete economic write off premature scrapping.
  17. A

    K12 (2004) Power Steering Fix

    Hi mate I've got the dreaded PS light on my micra any chance u can help. My number O7835027284
  18. David Vincent

    EPS Power steering column, what ACTUALLY goes wrong?

    Hello! If the warning light EPS stay on. Need the obd to detect the the fault. When the diagnostic tool can't connect to the EPS system that mean the eps modul is damage. In my country we just buy a second hand eps it cost around £156 - £294.
  19. P

    Electric power steering failed

    EPS Fault There are several threads on here regarding K-12 electric power steering faults that you may search and review. Some members have successfully reset the fault codes with simple 16 pin OBD2 fault code readers (OBD tool N607 Nissan consult II copy cat). Link to get you started...
  20. S

    Nissan Micra EPS issue

    Hi Ben, I have the same problem with my K12 1.2 (2004). I wonder if you know of some other cheaper device that also erases the PS light (my display says PS, not EPS, but it's the same). I wonder if you know if the Autel AL319 does it. I can not find the N607 (I live in Spain) neither on the...