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  1. bobsp16

    Best looking k10 ever

    at the nec this weekend
  2. bobsp16

    Were to put your K10 engine
  3. bobsp16

    Weber dgv twin choke inlet manifold

    On Ebay You would have a job to find better..
  4. bobsp16

    K10 weber twin choke carb and inlet manifold

    Sold For sale £250
  5. bobsp16

    Question about running a carburettor on an k11

    I no its prob been asked a thousand times before,,,But i need to no how to run a k11 1.3 on a carburettor and not the injection,,,,What do i need to do to the ignition side??? Do i need to use the ecu or can i get it to run/spark with out that and just use the standard disributor on its...
  6. bobsp16

    K10 Racing on the stadium I won the final,,it was a laff
  7. bobsp16

    MA10 engine for sale

    Good low milage 56k ma10 engine for sale £100
  8. bobsp16

    [SOLD] Micra inlet manifold for su carb

    K10 ma10/12 modified inlet manifold which takes a 1:3/4 inch su carb,,very good performance upgrade round abouts 15 bhp gain far better than any silly k&n or cam or even a 4 branch exhaust manifold can offer.Carb not included..£70inc postage
  9. bobsp16

    [SOLD] K10 inlet and weber carb

    On ebay
  10. bobsp16

    My Sons New Micra

    The 2011 season is about to start and his new car is nealy ready.Stickers and on the rolling road next week,will video that too,
  11. bobsp16

    Non ecu distributor for bike carb conversion

    This may interest a few people on here if you are looking to fit bike carbs to any ga or early sr20 engine then this is the distributor you need.
  12. bobsp16

    New MA12 Oversize pistons

    set of 4 pistons and rings oversize by 0.50mm £350 inc p&p
  13. bobsp16

    K11 front gas shocks

    Were can i find a cheap new pair of KYB gas front shocks for my 1300 k11....cheers
  14. bobsp16

    Ma12 anybody

    New Race Engine
  15. bobsp16

    Good low mileage ma10 engine for sale

    Ive just removed a very good clean and quiet running ma10 engine from a h plate k10 that had only done if you have a tried engine this would be an excellent replacement....collection only i could travel to main junction to meet up to save you goat tracking across country...
  16. bobsp16

    Wanted ma12 ecc engine

    Wanted late 92 ma12 ecc engine,,,,,cash waiting,,,,
  17. bobsp16

    Micra k10 modified inlet manifold for sale

    As the title says £ p&p
  18. bobsp16

    K10 performance inlet

    Hi i am selling a good inlet manifold £200 or i would consider swopping it for a late low mileage ecc ma12 engine...
  19. bobsp16

    Here we go again

    Here we go again but its not mine its for my son...
  20. bobsp16


    Wanted any K10s for spare cash waiting for right cars get in touch if you want to get rid of your micra