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    Sold the K10 Super s.

    Sold the K10 Super S, buyers left me a deposit too. Just waiting to pick the car up. I'm going to miss this car :( On the plus note, i have bought another K11 5-door in that purple colour. Bought it pretty cheap as a run around. :)
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    Sold my K11 Super S

    Sold it today, some nice people came down from london to take it. really miss it already. :( New owner will be on MSC soon. Enjoy it fella :) Glad its gone to someone who will appreciate it just like i did. :) K10 just left to go now :(
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    My other cars, when i'm not busy with micras Lol, Pictures

    Hi All, Below are pics of my other toys, when i'm not busy with the micra's, Despite these i have a Mazda 323 GT & a March Turbo, i will post pics once they back from body shop. MR2 Twin Entry Turbo GOLF MK3 GTI GOLF VR6
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    Micra 1.2 Super S & Micra 1.3 Super (Pictures)

    Hi all, I've been on this forum for a long time, but i've never actually posted pics of my cars, so i thought why not, Anyway i would like to share pictures with all of you micra enthusiasts, any feedback/comments will be appreciated. Wheels have now been swapt on...
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    Nissan Micra 1.4 Turbo

    Hi I am not sure if this is a repost, But i've spotted this on ebay Item Number: 230792131909...
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    March Turbo Reving at 2000rpm when warm

    Right heres the problem I just bought a 1.0 March Turbo. When the car warm up, the revs seem to go up with the temperature. It always seems to rev upto 2000rpm. Any suggestions what could be causing this? Some Background information: The car was originally a Auto, it has been converted to...